Tune in September 14-16 for the Fall Arena World Championship Cup #1

September 14th by Blizzard Entertainment

The World of Warcraft Arena World Championship Fall Season Cup #1 begins Friday, September 14 at 10 a.m. live on Twitch as teams in North America and Europe compete for cash prizes, AWC points, and a spot at BlizzCon 2018!

Tournament Information

  • Each online Cup has a $10,000 Prize Pool, and there are AWC points up for grabs.
  • The top three point-earners of the year from North America and Europe will earn a spot at the Arena World Championship Global Finals at BlizzCon, where they will fight on the biggest WoW esports stage of the year for their share of the $280,000 prize pool.
  • The Fall season is the last chance for teams from North America and Europe to qualify to Blizzcon!

Learn more about the Fall Season and how your team can get in to the action before it's too late in our original announcement.

Tournament Schedule

Event/ VODs Top 8 Broadcasts Top 4 Broadcasts
EU Cup #1 September 14 September 16
NA Cup #1 September 15 September 16
EU Cup #2 September 28 September 30
NA Cup #2 September 29 September 30
EU Cup #3 October 5 October 7
NA Cup #3 October 6 October 7

Who To Watch This Weekend

Team Name Alias Team Name Alias
Making a Movie Vilaye Fake Zebras Corkiy
Making a Movie Ratapai Fake Zebras Lontar
Making a Movie Akrololz Fake Zebras Xot
Making a Movie Maro Fake Zebras Luunii
XRB To the Moon Wallirikz Fiedler Gaming Artesia
XRB To the Moon Loony Fiedler Gaming Sublex
XRB To the Moon Zeepeye Fiedler Gaming Doni
XRB To the Moon Blizo Fiedler Gaming Norgan
Daily Feed Loveless Skill Capped Red Mystic
Daily Feed Yesdave Skill Capped Red AdamRex
Daily Feed Drainerx Skill Capped Red Cassidy
Daily Feed Rezuz Skill Capped Red Zunniyaki
Tempo Storm Alec Method Black Raiku
Tempo Storm Niksi Method Black Whaazz
Tempo Storm Minpojke Method Black Chas
Tempo Storm Jaime Method Black Swapxy
Team Name Alias Team Name Alias
The Gosu Crew Absterge Super Whales Boomsurge
The Gosu Crew Wizk Super Whales Floormat
The Gosu Crew Jellybeans Super Whales  SSds
The Gosu Crew Pikaboo Super Whales Borngood
The Rejects Rubcub KS Metaphors
The Rejects Gorecki KS Packratt
The Rejects Roastyz KS Maldiva
The Rejects Jahmilli KS Vellido
Kaska's Angels Dilly Super Rejects Kolo
Kaska's Angels Syfoxy Super Rejects Thugonomicz
Kaska's Angels Milkmanx Super Rejects Envious
Kaska's Angels Kaska Super Rejects Smexxin
Method Orange Mes 4fun Woopy
Method Orange Trill 4fun Rositajones
Method Orange Cdew 4fun Omnivore
Method Orange Samiyam

Where to Watch

You can catch the first Fall Cup live on Twitch Friday, September 14, Saturday, September 15, and Sunday September 16 at 10:00 a.m. PDT each day.