Keep Azeroth Close With the WoW Companion App

Battle for Azeroth

The battle between the Horde and Alliance rages on, but even the most dedicated champions can’t be at their computer all the time. To stay on top of all that’s happening in Azeroth, download the free mobile app that lets players take World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth with you anywhere you go. From the app, you’re able to:

  • Track World Quests: View active World Quests, emissary bounties, and available rewards from directly within the app-then plan your adventures for when you’re in the game.
  • Manage Your Missions: Send your champions and troops out on missions for your faction, all while you’re on the go. Collect rewards from completed missions, manage your champions, upgrade their gear, and recruit troops for future missions.
  • Fuel the War Campaign: Conduct research to unlock upgrades and track the status of your War Talent Tree, maintaining the momentum of your in-game progress.
  • Updated! WoW Community and Guild Chat: Stay in touch with your friends and guildmates wherever you go.
  • Updated! Calendar: Manage your personal, community and guild events, as well as view upcoming holidays.

The WoW Companion App is available on iTunes and in the Android Store. For additional information, visit our support page.