WoW® Classic City Tour: Darnassus

WoW Classic
October 1st by Blizzard Entertainment

Locating the various trainers and supplies you need within cities can take a little extra time to adjust to in WoW Classic, but we’ve got a handy guide to help you get around the night elf capital city of Darnassus. It’s a slightly smaller city than Ironforge or Stormwind. You’ll need to make the journey to one of those cities using the available boats to train in additional professions or classes.

Quick Index of Locations

*Weapon Trainer: (3) There is one Weapon Trainer located in the Warrior’s Terrace–Weapon Master Ilyenia Moonfire.

Profession Trainers Class Trainers and Supplies
Alchemy– Craftsmen’s Terrace (10) Druid–Cenarion Enclave (15)
Enchanting– Craftsmen’s Terrace (7) Hunter–Cenarion Enclave (16)
Leatherworking– Craftsmen’s Terrace (5) Priest–The Temple of the Moon (12)
Tailoring– Craftsmen’s Terrace (4) Rogue–Cenarion Enclave (14)
Cooking– Craftsmen’s Terrace (9) Warrior–Warrior’s Terrace (1,2)
First Aid– Craftsmen’s Terrace (8) Poison Supplies–Cenarion Enclave (14a)
Herbalism–The Temple of the Moon (11) Stable–Cenarion Enclave (16)
Skinning–Craftsmen’s Terrace (5) General Trade Goods–Craftsmen’s Terrace (6)
Reagents Vendor– Temple of the Moon (13), Cenarion Enclave (15)
Tip: If you get lost at any point, don’t forget to ask one of the many guards located throughout the city for directions. They can point you to the Auction House, the Bank, Hyppogryph Master, Guild Master, Mailboxes, the Inn, Stable Master, Battlemasters, Class Trainers, and Profession Trainers. They’ll mark your map with a red flag to indicate where you need to go.

Full Index of Locations

Location Category NPC Type

NPC Name

1– Main Terrace Class Trainer Warrior Trainer Sildanair
2–Lower Terrace Class Trainer Warrior Trainer Arias'ta Bladesinger
Class Trainer Warrior Trainer Darnath Bladesinger
3–Lower Terrace Weapon Trainer Weapon Master Ilyenia Moonfire
Tip: When seeking out a weapon master to train a new weapon skill, keep in mind that each one specializes in specific weapon types. Weapon Master Ilyenia Moonfire, the night elf weapon master, resides at the Warrior’s Terrace in Darnassus, where she teaches bow, daggers, fist weapons, staff, and throwing weapons. Weapon Master Woo Ping in Stormwind can train you in crossbows, polearms, staves, and one- and two-handed swords. Buliwyf, the dwarven weapon master at the Timberline Arms in Ironforge, teaches fist weapons, guns, one- and two-handed axes, and one- and two-handed maces. Bixi Wobblebonk, the gnome weapon master at the Timberline Arms in Ironforge teaches crossbow, daggers, and throwing weapons.
Location Category NPC Type NPC Name
4– Tailoring (1st floor) Profession Trainer Expert Tailor Me'lynn
Profession Trainer Journeyman Tailor Trianna
Profession Supplies Tailoring Supplies Elynna
5–Leatherworking (2nd floor) Profession Trainer Expert Leatherworker Faldron
Profession Trainer Journeyman Leatherworker Darianna
Profession Trainer Artisan Leatherworker Telonis
Profession Supplies Leatherworking Supplies Saenorion
Profession Trainer Skinning Trainer Eladriel
6–General Trade Profession Supplies General Trade Supplier Mythrin'dir
7–Enchanting Profession Trainer Journeyman Enchanter Lalina Summermoon
Profession Trainer Expert Enchanter Taladan
Profession Supplies Enchanting Supplies Vaean
8–First Aid Profession Trainer First Aid Trainer Dannelor
9–Cooking Profession Trainer Cooking Trainer Alegorn
Profession Supplies Cooking Supplier Fyldan
10–Alchemy Profession Trainer Journeyman Alchemist Milla Fairancora
Profession Trainer Aritsan Alchemist Ainethil
Profession Supplies Alchemy Supplies Ulthir
Profession Trainer Expert Alchemist Sylvanna Forestmoon
Location Category NPC Type NPC Name
11–The Temple Gardens Profession Trainer Herbalism Trainer Firodren Mooncaller
Profession Supplies Herbalism Trainer Chardryn
12–Temple of the Moon Class Trainer Priest Trainer Jandria
Class Trainer Portal Trainer Elissa Dumas
Class Trainer Priest Trainer Lariia
Class Trainer Priest Trainer Priestess Alathea
Class Trainer Priest Trainer Astarii Starseeker
13–The Temple Gardens Class Supplies Reagent Vendor Alaindia
Location Category NPC Type NPC Name
14–Rogue Guild (Underground) Class Trainer Rogue Trainer Syruna
Class Trainer Rogue Trainer Anishar
Class Trainer Rogue Trainer Erion Shadewhisper
14a–Rogue Guild Tree Class Supplies Poison Vendor Kyrai
15–Druid Guild Tree Class Supplies Reagent Vendor Cyroen
Class Trainer Druid Trainer Fylerian Nightwing
Class Trainer Druid Trainer Denatharion
Class Trainer Druid Trainer Mathrengyl Bearwalker
16–Hunter Guild Tree Class Trainer Hunter Trainer Jocaste
Stable Stable Master Alassin
Class Trainer Hunter Trainer Dorion
Pet Trainer Hunter Pet Trainer Silvaria
Class Trainer Hunter Trainer Jeen'ra Nightrunner