The Race to World First Ny’alotha the Waking City Has Begun!

Battle for Azeroth
January 28th by Blizzard Entertainment

The race to see who can be the first to defeat N’Zoth in the heart of the ancient Black Empire—Ny’alotha the Waking city— begins this week. The best of the best will face the corruption within to see who can cross the finish line and claim World First!

When: Beginning Tuesday, January 28
Where to Watch:

*Select streams for Mature Audiences only. (Individual broadcast and stream schedules may vary.)

Individual Player Streams
Guild: Limit
   Guild: Midwinter
     Guild: Method (EU)
Atrocity Agrevious Cayna
Driney Aideren Chrispotter
imfiredup Bert Deepshades
Kingfly Biggerarms Fleks
Lightee Chip Fragnance
*Limit_Maximum Cray Gingi
Maeveycakes DT Konah
Naowh Ellesmere Kuriisu
*Preheat Flowbie Kush
Sanghelioswow Guphy Meeres
*Thdlock Jalen Miniaug
Xyronic Kadornus Narcolies
Morkel Nnoggie
Ren Perfecto
Riley PhilWestside
Shadow Revvez
Tindyl Rogerbrown
Tydraestor Sco
Turkey Scripe

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