Explorers' League Journal: All's Fair in Love and Worgen

Explorers' League
February 23rd by Lylirra

Welcome to the Explorers' League Journal, our weekly recap of news and events from around Azeroth. Each week we'll cover a variety of topics including patch notes, hotfixes, contests, helpful guides, and recent blue posts to keep you up-to-date on the latest game and community developments.

Find out what happened last week below. If you missed our previous entry, you can check it out here.


Recent Hotfixes (Updated 2/19) - Keep tabs on recent hotfixes following patch 4.0.6. You can also visit our Bug Report forum for a list of known issues still under investigation.

All's Fair in Love and Worgen – Our latest Blizzard comic is a heartwarming piece from our very own Samwise Didier.

Trade Secrets of a Trade Prince – Learn the tricks of the trade that led Trade Prince Gallywix to untold fortune and success in this third installment of our ongoing "Leaders of the Horde and Alliance" series.

Survival Guides

New Player Tips: Use Your Peripherals – What gaming peripherals would you recommend to newer players, and why?

Account Security and You – We've put together some tips and suggestions to help you improve your account and computer security. If you have any additional security recommendations to add to our list, please feel free to share them!

Ten Ton Hammer's Glory of the Cataclysm Hero Guide – Pining after that volcanic stone drake? Ten Ton Hammer has added Heroic achievement guides for both Grim Batol and Halls of Origination to help you on your way.

Don't forget to check out their other walkthroughs here:

Cataclysm Heroic Dungeon Cheat Sheet – Speaking of dungeons, if you're having a hard time remembering which Heroic boss has which heroic ability, then be sure to check out the "cheat sheet" Slantyline ported over to the forums.

Cat DPS Guide 4.0.6Tangedyn has re-posted this excellent feral primer and made a number of updates to help you get the most out of your kitty DPS.

Getting Members to Your Guild WebsiteAsterie writes, "You have a website. Now you want your members to use it. But how do you get them to use something not in the game? This is a quick and dirty guide to getting members to use your site."

Around the Community

Ooh! A WhiptailGUComics examines the mysteries of whiptail regeneration.

From the Notebook of Garrosh HellscreamThe Daily Blink shines a light on Garrosh’s inner warchief.

AltruismDark Legacy reveals that, sometimes, when the going gets tough, the tough get... efficient.

Murder on the Booty Bay ExpressSwatheMachinima takes us on a mysterious adventure in their World of Warcraft-themed parody of "Murder on the Orient Express."

Forum Watch

Poll: It's in the Hardware – Which piece of hardware is most important to you when playing World of Warcraft?

The Last Thing You Killed – ...is now in your room. What do you do?

Item Link Roulette – You, too, can play this game in just four easy steps:

Step 1: Using the WoW Item forum option (i.e.: [item="XXX" /]), type in a series of numbers into a forum post to create a random Armory item link.
Step 2: That random item is now your weapon of choice against Deathwing.
Step 3: ???
Step 4: Profit.

What Class Would You Be IRL?  – ...and why?

Deathwing's Facebook Status – What sort hilarious, moving, and/or soul-baring status updates do you think the Aspect of Death might post on his Facebook page?

What Classic Level 1-60 Dungeon Would You Like to See Made Into a Heroic?  – Which dungeon do you think would be fun to run at level 85?

What's Your Favorite Boss Quote? – (Too soon?)

Druid Valentines - Show your favorite druid how much you love them with these cute and cleverly-themed valentines.


Recent Blue Posts

Bone Fishing Pole Changes

Dungeon Finder and Vote Kick Hotfixes

Elemental Death Animation

Fury Warrior Adjustments in 4.0.6

Hotfixes in 4.0.6 and Why They Were Made

How Does Blizzard Decide When and How to Act on Feedback From the Community?

Immolate and Corruption Damage

Incoming Healer Changes

Rationale for Arms Warrior Changes

Whiptail Respawn Rate

Why are Orgrimmar and Stormwind the Only Major Cities This Expansion?

Stay classy, Azeroth, and we'll see you again this Friday.