Arena World Championship Circuit Viewer's Guide

August 19th by Blizzard Entertainment

Sixteen of the best Arena World Championship (AWC) teams from North America and Europe will compete in the very last stage of the AWC Battle for Azeroth season. Watch the AWC Battle for Azeroth Circuit live every weekend for four weeks beginning August 22 at 10 a.m. PDT only on YouTube Gaming to see who will compete at the AWC Regional Finals.

Enter the Arena

The top Arena teams in North America and Europe have emerged after a grueling four week-long season of open bracket AWC Cups. They have proven themselves worthy, and now face their biggest challenge. The eight best teams from each region will enter a Round Robin tournament where they will face each of the other teams in their region once in a best-of-five series. After four weeks of circuit play the teams with the best results will move onto the Regional Finals where the best team from North America and Europe will be determined.

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Language Streams




Spanish (EU)

Meet the Teams

North America

Golden Guardians tiny (3).png Golden Guardians

Pikaboo, (Assassination Rogue), Jellybeans (Survival Hunter), Wizk (Shadow Priest), Absterge (Restoration Shaman)

Unknown Tiny.png ????

Cdew (Restoration Shaman), Samiyam (Frost Mage), Trill (Windwalker Monk), Mes (Unholy Death Knight)

Spacestation Gaming Tiny (1).png Spacestation Gaming

Gorecki (Restoration Druid), Smexxin (Arms Warrior), Thugonomics (Destruction Warlock), Chunli (Windwalker Monk)

C9 Tiny (1).png Cloud9

Snutz (Assassination Rogue), Chanimal (Destruction Warlock), Wealthyman (Frost Mage), Kubzy (Mistweaver Monk)

Charlotte Phoenix Tiny (1).png Charlotte Phoenix

Burn (Destruction Warlock), Jahmili (Fire Mage), Nick (Subtlety Rogue), Korlic (Holy Paladin)

M2KC Tiny (1).png M2KC

Ceral (Frost Mage), Roastyz (Assassination Rogue), Drake (Windwalker Monk), Brain (Holy Paladin)

Turtle Tiny (1).png Turtle

Gékz (Discipline Priest), Syfoxy (Feral Druid), Dilly (Survival Hunter), Smoove (Mistweaver Monk)


Unitas tiny (1).png Unitas

Cmd (Fire Mage), Yoske (Arms Warrior), Oxygen (Discipline Priest), Aiden (Rogue)

Wildcard Gaming Tiny (1).png Wildcard Gaming

Loony (Mistweaver Monk), Blizo (Arms Warrior), Zeepeye (Elemental Shaman), Maro (Fire Mage)

nLite Tiny (1).png nLite

Zunniyaki (Discipline Priest), Cassidy (Feral Druid), Facile (Survival Hunter), Cara (Retribution Paladin)

F2K MyWay Tiny (1).png F2K MyWay

Hydra (Discipline Priest), Tony (Feral Druid), Kasuxoxo (Survival Hunter)

XSET Tiny (1).png XSET

Whaazz (Rogue), Raiku (Mage), Chas (Monk), Swapxy (Enhancement Shaman)

ABC Tiny (1).png ABC

Alec (Frost Mage), Wallirik (Destruction Warlock), Asgarath (Restoration Druid), Niksi (Assassination Rogue)

Bergen Boys Tiny (1).png Bergen Boys

Berly (Restoration Shaman), Joel (Unholy Death Knight), Infernion (Destruction Warlock), Monkarn (Windwalker Monk)

Diabolus Tiny (1).png Diabolus

Merce (Destruction Warlock), Jaime (Elemental Shaman), Gelu (Fire Mage), Clyde (Holy Paladin)

Coffin Dance Tiny.png Coffin Dance

Joefernandes (Arms Warrior), Rezuz (Windwalker Monk), Lontar (Restoration Shaman), Trenacetate (Demon Hunter)

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