Finding the Shadowlands Support You Need

November 20th by Blizzard Entertainment

Welcome, Maw Walker…

The path through the shattered veil and into the Shadowlands is opening on November 23. To make sure you’re prepared, we’ve put together a helpful support guide for your journeys ahead.

Returning to Azeroth with Account Recovery

As heroes across the world return to answer the call, you may need assistance logging into your account.  Our Can’t Log In? service can help you recover access to your account in multiple ways. You’ll be able to choose to reset your password, unlock an account, remove an authenticator, and more. If our system doesn’t recognize your email address, our support article can help you. If you no longer have access to your account and suspect your account was hacked, follow these steps to secure your computer, request a restoration, and attach an authenticator to your account for a more secure Blizzard account. Attaching an authenticator not only secures your account but also provides some additional in-in-game goodies.

If you’re stuck or require additional assistance, Contact Support to connect with a helpful Game Master.

Getting Help In-Game

Our in-game help section is better than ever, allowing you to search through thousands of articles or use great self-help tools like restoring a deleted/disenchanted item, undeleting a WoW character, or moving a stuck character, all without waiting for a Game Master. You’ll also soon find an easily accessible collection of information at the top of the page, such as Known Issues, Breaking News, and useful self-service options. Trending articles can also quickly point out issues you may be experiencing, as well as workarounds to help keep your campaign through the Shadowlands rolling.

To access the in-game help section, open the Game Menu by clicking on the Red Question Mark icon (or by pressing Escape on your keyboard by default) and click Help.

Here you’ll find a wealth of information such as:

  • Breaking News: Important information that may impact your play session
  • Trending Articles: Popular knowledge articles that have been helpful to other players recently
  • Self-Service Options: Helpful services which will get you back in the game without needing to wait for a Game Master

Can’t find exactly what you’re looking for on the front page? Use the Search bar to look for the quest, NPC, skill, spell, monster, boss, or issue you’re experiencing. The Support Portal will serve up relevant articles to the issue, as well as workarounds, troubleshooting steps, and more.

If you’ve found an issue that hasn’t been listed yet, click the Contact Support tab to report your issue to our Game Masters. You can also click Submit a bug or suggestion to let the development team know about issues you come across while in the game.

Be Your Guild’s Expert!

Once the way to Shadowlands is open, we’ll be gathering feedback and reporting on Known Issues during the expansion’s launch. Check the in-game browser for the latest updates on what is being fixed, what has been hotfixed, and what might require a realm restart to get back on track. You can also scroll down to talk with other community members if you need a helping hand to find that NPC or quest objective.