Level Anew with Threads of Fate

November 26th by Blizzard Entertainment

Explore the Shadowlands in an engaging non-linear experience as you level to the new max of 60!

Shadowlands offers a new leveling experience with Threads of Fate. This new game mode allows you to level your other characters in the Shadowlands by selecting a Covenant prior to level 60, choosing which zones you want to level up in regardless of level, and earn rewards to benefit your Covenant as you level up. Along the way, you’ll have access to some of your Covenant’s amenities including flight paths, signature abilities, and you can get a head start on earning your Covenant’s Renown by depositing Anima you collect into their reservoir.

Choose Your Destiny

To explore this new adventure-style mode, you must reach level 60 and complete the first chapter of your Covenant Campaign (Kyrian: “Among the Kyrian,” Necrolord: “Loyal to the Primus,” Night Fae: “For Queen and Grove!,” and Venthyr: “Sinfall”). Threads of Fate will become accessible to your level 50 to 59 characters once they complete the quest, “Stand as One” given by Anduin Wrynn during the Maw’s introductory questline. After completing “Stand as One,” you’ll be transported to Oribos where you can speak with Fatescribe Roh-Tahl to choose leveling with the Threads of Fate option.

Tip: Having second thoughts on how you want to progress your new character? You can choose to instead replay the storyline when you speak with Fatescribe Roh-Tahl, however, once you choose Threads of Fate, you can’t go back on it.

Once you’ve selected Threads of Fate, you’ll be instructed to pick any of the four Covenants for your character and choose which zone you want to continue your adventure in. Upon entering one of the zones, you’ll notice that the main story quests will be marked as complete, flight paths will unlock, and you’ll receive a progress bar quest that credits experience. Fill the progress bar by completing any side quests, World Quests, Bonus Objectives, Rare Elites, and defeating dungeon bosses. Note that War Mode won’t offer more bonuses and defeating enemy or random creatures will not grant credit toward the progression bar. After you complete your progression bar quest, return to Fatescribe Roh-Tahl in Oribos to turn it in for a large experience gain and select another zone to complete.

When you reach level 60, you’ll finish your Threads of Fate playthrough and will be able to continue earning Anima and your Covenant’s favor for rewards and prepare for end-game activities.