The Champions of The Great Push Season 2!

December 13th by Blizzard Entertainment

The Great Push Season 2 has come to an incredible conclusion with Aster.Y pushing it to the limit, earning $8,000 (USD) in prizing and joining Season 1 winners Echo in The Great Push hall of fame!

Aster.Y has proved themselves victorious and the best key pushers in the world with a total score of 174 across six dungeons. Over 7,500 teams competed in the Proving Grounds qualifying round, but only six teams advanced to this weekend’s tournament. At the end of each day one team was eliminated, with Mambo Jambo heading home on Friday, followed by Bonedust on Saturday.

Aster.Y came very close to winning The Great Push Season 1 & MDI Season 2 Global Finals earlier this year. Made up of rogue Yeluo, tank Anuo, healer Yemar, Qingxin, and Xybb, their victory has been in the making all year and is well deserved!

Championship Sunday started with the remaining four teams–Aster.Y, Method Sheeesh, Incarnation, and Echo Guardians–pushing to reach new heights in the final five hours of competition. Aster.Y even broke the world record for keystone level in Necrotic Wake with an incredible 32! With that, Aster.Y surpassed Incarnation, and Echo Guardians, yet only bested Method Sheesh in an unbelievable finish by just one point.

“I think it's awesome to see [Aster.Y] succeed after coming so close the last times,” said caster Meeix. “Seeing new teams, new team combinations, and unexpected outcomes is the best thing about esports and it just makes me even more excited for the future of WoW PvEsports.” 

DoA agreed with his co-caster, “really happy to see Aster get the win after coming so close last time as Skyline. Pretty much flawless play all weekend!”

“The Great Push Season 2 was a great way to capstone the year,” WoW Esports Associate 

Product Manager Adrian Archer-Lock weighed in. “Congratulations to Aster.Y on winning through relentless competition and thank you to the community for watching all year long!”

The event closes the 2021 WoW Esports year, and we thank you all for watching and participating and reading (like you’re doing now - hey thanks!). We’re happy to announce that we’re announcing plans for 2022 very soon. Follow WoW Esports on Twitter and subscribe to Warcraft on Twitch and YouTube to ensure you don’t miss a beat when we unveil future plans in January.

See you next year!