Get Into the Grid of Things with the Updated UI and HUD

Sweeping changes have been made from the ground up to provide a clutter-free layout that allows players to customize their HUD to better fit their individual needs. Explore a fresh-looking Heads-Up Display (HUD) and User Interface (UI) designed to be adjustable, effective, attractive, and easily accessible for everyone.

A Whole New Look

Technology has advanced since we first developed the original UI in 2004. We now have more tools to create and improve quality-of-life features. We have modernized the player’s layout and view with a sleek appearance while maintaining the charm and personality of World of Warcraft’s original design.

Classic Preset
Classic Preset
Modern Preset
Modern Preset

The minimap and health bar are much more prominent, and we’ve removed some clutter to provide more viewable space. Also, while keeping to the iconic design, we’ve cleaned up the appearance of the Action Bar. We also added a fresh set of Gryphons and created Wyverns for our Horde-loving heroes. There’s a new look for the loot and inventory display, and players can use the Combined Backpack functionality to help them find and organize their inventory items more quickly. To convert to Combined Bag, press SHIFT+B and click on the bag icon for Bag Settings.

Make It Your Own

Welcome to Edit Mode—easily accessed through your Game Menu by pressing ESC. You can now tweak, personalize, and move (almost) anything anywhere to your heart’s desire. And not only are various elements of the HUD movable, but each individual component also has a variety of options when you click on them.

Once you get everything set how you like it, you’ll be able to name, save, edit, then copy it to your Clipboard to share with the community. And, for those that change specs often, the feature is designed to remember it. As you switch between specs, the HUD layout you have for that spec will adjust accordingly.

Will this new feature replace the ability to use third-party add-ons entirely? Not at all. We recognize that add-ons provide many opportunities for players to customize their experience, but not all players utilize them. So, we include elements that some add-ons offer to the base UI, but those who wish to continue using the third-party add-ons they like can still do so.

Improved Accessibility to Make Things Easier

Improving accessibility features for our players is at the forefront of much of the design of the new UI and providing ways for players to have a better experience is vital. Here are some of the changes that we have made to help improve accessibility for players:

  • Press and Hold Casting – When enabled, the player can press and hold a keyboard hotkey to cast a spell on an Action Bar without repeatedly pressing the button.
  • Interact Key – Pressing the Interact Key will enable you to interact with NPCs and objects with a key press instead of a mouse click. Interactive NPCs and objects will gain an icon above their heads as you move close enough to interact.
  • Action Combat – This feature works alongside the standard targeting features and automatically targets enemies as you approach them. This will allow you to start casting abilities immediately and dynamically switch between targets based on where you’re looking.

We’re excited about providing you with a more robust UI experience.

See you in the Dragon Isles!

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