Dragonflight Beta Key Giveaways Are Here!

September 15th by Blizzard Entertainment

The Dragonflight beta is in full swing, with more opt in testers joining the test weekly. To help those who have yet to have fortune smile upon them with beta access, we’re happy to share we’re expanding the number of ways you, too, can join the ranks of beta testers.

For the next several weeks, dozens of your favorite content creators will be providing various ways to access beta keys—with your participation, of course. Whether it’s via Twitch chats, Twitter profiles, Podcasts, YouTube channels, or other mediums, each one will be giving out their keys for only a short time. To make sure you don’t miss your chance at securing a beta key of your own, you’ll need to check in with new creators every few days.

To stay on top of who is actively participating* in these giveaways, check back here on our official news post for updates as we add more creators. Here is our current schedule, with more on the way after.

Thursday– Saturday 9/15- 9/17

Content Creator Channel Language
AnnieFuchsia https://twitter.com/anniefuchsia English
bunten https://twitch.tv/thebunten English
dratnos https://twitch.tv/dratnos English
eiya https://twitch.tv/eiya English
jdotb https://twitch.tv/jdotb English
kaiito https://twitch.tv/kaiito English
Maximum https://twitch.tv/maximum English
Nobbel https://twitter.com/Nobbel87 English
sco https://twitch.tv/sco English
Towelliee https://twitch.tv/towelliee English
yumytv https://twitch.tv/yumytv English
Kusa https://twitch.tv/Kusa French
Zoltan https://twitter.com/ZoltanTV French
PewPewMika https://www.youtube.com/c/PewPewMika Italian
MigguzTV https://twitter.com/Migguz Spanish (EU)
Biscoitãohu3 https://twitch.tv/biscoitaohu3 Portuguese (LatAm)
G4mehouse https://twitch.tv/g4mehouse Portuguese (LatAm)
Yetz https://twitch.tv/yetz Portuguese (LatAm)
Blizzholics https://www.youtube.com/c/Blizzholics/featured Spanish (LatAm)
ChowdeerST https://twitch.tv/chowdeerst/about Spanish (LatAm)
El Diario de Karlana https://www.youtube.com/user/Karlana2010 Spanish (LatAm)

Sunday – Tuesday 9/18 – 9/20

Content Creator Channel Language
Celheals https://twitch.tv/celheals English
Haughty Chicken https://twitch.tv/haughtychicken English
Kalamazi https://twitch.tv/kalamazi English
Luxthos https://twitch.tv/luxthos English
Naesam https://twitch.tv/naesam English
Naguura https://twitter.com/naguura English
PikaCali https://twitch.tv/pikacali English
SamTalkz https://twitch.tv/samtalkz English
Sionz https://twitch.tv/sionz English
Supatease https://twitch.tv/supatease English
BigBadHater https://twitter.com/BigBad_Hater French
Cruelladk https://twitter.com/cruelladk French
Manacrew https://twitter.com/ManacrewDE German
GreedyGolds https://twitch.tv/greedygolds Italian
IannaTV https://twitch.tv/iannatv Italian
Wochi https://twitter.com/wochinimen Italian
Fugitivo https://www.twitch.tv/fugitivotv Portuguese (LatAm)
Palanakir https://twitch.tv/palanakir Portuguese (LatAm)
PvPLAB - Jiraya https://twitch.tv/pvplab Portuguese (LatAm)
BonnyVargas https://twitch.tv/bonnyvargas Spanish (LatAm)
Moviendose del Fuego https://www.youtube.com/c/MoviéndosedelFuego Spanish (LatAm)
Xano https://www.facebook.com/yosoyxano Spanish (LatAm)

Wednesday – Friday 9/21 – 9/23

Content Creator Channel Language
CoryMissildine https://twitch.tv/missildineonline English
Hali https://twitch.tv/heyyyli English
Krista https://twitch.tv/krista English
Lambbchops https://twitch.tv/lambbchops English
LeystTV https://twitter.com/LeystTv English
MarcelianOnline http://twitch.tv/marcelianonline English
MrGM https://twitch.tv/mrgm English
Preach https://twitch.tv/preachlfw English
SoulSoBreezy https://twitch.tv/SoulSoBreezy English
Tettles https://twitch.tv/tettles English
Tiqqle https://twitch.tv/tiqqlethis English
Xyronic https://twitch.tv/xyronic English
Nayru https://twitter.com/Nayruuu French
Spiralusgtm https://twitch.tv/spiralusgtm Polish
AlterTime https://twitch.tv/altertimesk Spanish (EU)
Phoebina https://twitter.com/PhoebinaYagami Spanish (EU)
Alurana https://twitch.tv/alurana Portuguese (LatAm)
Nanda https://twitch.tv/nanda Portuguese (LatAm)
SrBabinski https://twitch.tv/srbabinski Portuguese (LatAm)
IKVITE https://twitch.tv/ikvite Spanish (LatAm)
RocketRamy https://twitch.tv/rocketramy Spanish (LatAm)
viciosin https://www.youtube.com/c/Viciosin Spanish (LatAm)

These giveaways will continue for several weeks, so keep checking back to this article for more creator Beta key giveaways!

Visit our official news post to learn more about the Dragonflight beta and opt-in to become a tester.

*Please be aware of any additional third-party e-mail messages, websites, or in-game whispers that offer beta keys or access to the Dragonflight beta. Please see our Phishing Scams support article for more details on dealing with such messages.