The WoW Variety Show is back with Episode 2!

November 10th by Blizzard Entertainment

The Dragon Isles are arriving in World of Warcraft, and with them, the latest episode of the WoW Variety Show featuring new challenges, new faces, and new prizes! Mark your calendar to tune in on Youtube and Twitch from December 10 to December 11.

Episode 2 of the WoW Variety Show is coming soon to Azeroth’s newest continent! We’ll be showcasing some of the very best that the Dragon Isles has to offer, from awakening on the molten shores to soaring high through beautiful skies. This weekend-long excursion will be jam-packed with plenty of action, adventure, and surprises for our contestants and audience alike. Participation in this episode’s activities have been expanded to include both EU and NA players, with spots for over 300 contestants!

Think you can take the heat? Join the WoW Variety Show Discord and apply today to take flight!

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Day 1

The first day of the show will have three activities featuring our friendly competitors, with some special surprises in store that’ll bring even more fun to the show!

Leveling Race

Four WoW Celebrity Contestants (to be revealed in the coming weeks) must battle monsters, one another, and our Wheel of Warcraft to see who can gain the most experience within an hour!

Dragonriding Relay

Ready, set, relay race! Four teams, each comprised of one WoW Celebrity Contestant and four WoW Community Contestants, will duke it out in the skies on dragonback. Not only will they need to work together to ensure a successful relay, but they’ll need to think quickly to navigate through our course and make it to the end. We’re scouting the fastest Dragonriders in Azeroth for this activity, so sign up today for your shot at the skies!

Dragon Isles Expedition

Finally, we’ll be ending the day with a massive expedition throughout the Isles! 200 of Azeroth’s most adventurous inhabitants from NA and EU will be recruited to find the fastest path possible through the leveling zones of the Dragon Isles. Register today to start your journey, because spots are limited.

But wait, there’s more! We’ve got some special surprises in store for the show beyond these three activities, so stay tuned.

Day 2

Teeming with keys and packed with PvP, the second day of the show will be back with even more variety action!

Dragonflight Mythic+ Showcase

Two teams composed of some of your favorite Mythic+ personalities will explore the four new Dragonflight dungeons present in Season 1. Join them to check out the new strategies and routes for some quick tips and tactics that will give you a headstart pushing your score!


Evokers will enter the Arena in Dragonflight, and we’re inviting eight gladiators to participate in a series of Evoker-only show matches. This elimination 2v2 bracket will be followed by several Solo Shuffle matches as the finishing touch to the final day of Episode 2 of the WoW Variety Show!


Who can compete?

  • While Episode 1 was limited to players from the North Americas region, this episode will be open to both NA and EU players! Full eligibility and rules can be found here.

How many spots are open?

  • While our activities are bigger than ever this time around, spots are still limited to allow us to ensure the best experience for everyone!

For the Dragonriding Relay, each WoW Celebrity Contestant will race alongside four WoW Community Contestants for a total of 16 spots.

The Dragon Isles Expedition will be led by 100 players from the North Americas region and 100 players from the Europe region.

When does registration close?

  • We’ll be accepting applications until 10:00am (PT) on November 25, 2022.

When will invitations be extended?

  • All invitations to the show will be extended by 5:00pm on Friday, December 2, 2022.

Who are the WoW Celebrity Contestants?

  • The WoW Celebrity Contestants will be revealed in the coming weeks! Make sure to follow us on Twitter to catch who will be joining the broadcast.

What are the prizes?

  • A variety of in-game goodies (including game time, mounts, pets, and more special surprises) will be available to participants and audience members throughout the broadcast.

What are the surprises?

  • A surprise is defined as something unexpected or astonishing. As such, we’ll be doing our part to keep our surprises hidden and unexpected!