Blues News: August 4, 2023

Blues News

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Here are this week's highlights:

  • Fury Incarnate PTR Update: This week, the latest Fury Incarnate 10.1.7 PTR development notes were posted. This included the Eastern Kingdoms Cup event and the Dawn of the Infinite dungeon being split into two separate Heroic difficulty dungeons.
  • Corsage Pack Issue Resolved: A fix was deployed for players who purchased this bundle on Tuesday before 11:30 a.m. PDT. A post was made explaining the situation and how the fix will appear once any Trading Post item is purchased.
WoW Classic
  • Free Character Transfers in Wrath Classic: Some select transfers are open for Wrath Classic in North America. The estimated time for a character transfer to complete can change depending on how many others use the service simultaneously. Still, your character(s) will be available as soon as the process completes.
  • 1.14.4 PTR Updated: A new build for the 1.14.4 PTR was detailed and made available for testing, and new APIs were outlined for community websites and addon creators.