Blues News: September 22, 2023

Blues News
September 22nd by Blizzard Entertainment

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Here are this week's highlights:


  • New Public Events Coming with 10.2: In the 10.2 Guardians of the Dream patch, new public events that feed into each other in the Emerald Dream zone.
  • 10.2 Updates on the PTR: A series of updates were deployed to the Guardians of the Dream PTR, including updates to Classes, Items, PvP, and more.
  • 10.2 Updates to Demon Hunter and Balance and Feral Druids:
    • Demon Hunter:  Demon Hunter talent updates will roll in as they become ready, starting with Havoc tree changes in this week’s PTR build.
    • Balance and Feral Druids: A couple of important changes to Balance and Feral Druids are coming in the PTR build next week.

WoW Classic

  • Wrath Classic Season 7 Ending Soon: The current PvP season in Wrath Classic is ending soon. Additional details can be found in the forum post.
  • 3.4.3 Testing Update Includes a Special Reward: An update to the 3.4.3 PTR has been deployed, which includes a meta-achievement and special reward new to Wrath of the Lich King Classic for completing it—the adorable ghostly pup, Arfas.