Thank You! Sunny and Flurky Raise 1.5 Million for BlueCheck Ukraine!

October 11th by Blizzard Entertainment

Thanks to the World of Warcraft community, more than a million dollars in aid has already been designated for BlueCheck partners on the ground. By cutting the red tape the WoW-BlueCheck partnership is providing critical resources, right now, to the following organizations:

Ukraine Assistance Organization (UAO)

UAO provides free medical assistance and vital medicines directly to homes and rural villages.

  • Programs Funded: UAO will fund mobile medical teams to provide home medical services for patients unable to reach health facilities in regions such as Kherson, Mykolaiv, and Odessa, encompassing the cities and the surrounding areas. The teams will diagnose, treat, and provide medications at no cost to more than 3,500 patients over the coming months.

Project Victory

Project Victory is a nonprofit founded by combat veterans that provides food, shelter, medical supplies, and essentials to people in areas impacted by war.

  • Programs Funded: This grant will fund a container of urgent medical supplies for a hospital in Zaporizhia City. These funds will ensure that nine frontline hospitals can receive more than one million dollars in medical supplies.


The Philharmonic transformed itself from an orchestra into a hub for humanitarian relief activities. Currently, it provides medical institutions in eastern Ukraine with the necessary medicines and resuscitation vehicles.

  • Programs Funded: This grant will provide for continued operations, and the purchase of urgent humanitarian supplies for frontline areas.

Voices of Children

The Voices of Children Charitable Foundation offers support for children with disabilities and, in particular,  with ASD (autism spectrum disorder).

  • Programs Funded: The grant will fund therapy for at least 100 children with ASD along with group sessions for parents, psychoeducational programs, as well funding an international conference on the protection of the rights and mental health of children of war.

Save Peace in Ukraine

Save Peace in UA is an NGO providing humanitarian aid to Ukrainian towns, cities, and regions.

  • Programs Funded: Save Peace in UA plans to distribute 180,000 ready-to-eat meals to 6,000 individuals who cannot care for themselves. Each recipient will receive 30 ready-to-eat meals for 15 days of complete nutrition.


Starenki assists more than 2,000 elderly Ukrainians, primarily retirees without family, in the form of social activities, food, and hygiene support.

  • Programs Funded: Funding will support approximately 8 months of operating costs of programming for unaccompanied elderly.

Cash for Refugees

Cash for Refugees provides direct cash assistance to people displaced by the war in Ukraine.  The organization focuses on the most vulnerable: women with children, the elderly, and the disabled.

  • Programs Funded: The grants will enable the organization to continue providing cash assistance to high-needs individuals across the country, reaching more than 600 families with young children and elderly who have fled war-affected areas.


SpivDiia is one of the largest All-Ukrainian charity platforms with support centers in almost all regions of Ukraine. They check and match requests Ukrainian war-affected citizens make to governmental hot lines and their online platform.

  • Programs Funded: Psychological Online Counseling to provide upward of 1,500 consultations for 300 individuals; A Mobile Service Team for Children to work with children both in their city and in remote communities; Food Support around the frontline including the Kharkiv, Zaporizhzhya, Dnipropetrovsk, Donetsk, Mykolaiv, and Odessa regions.

TAPS Ukraine

TAPS Ukraine cares for the families who have lost loved ones in the war and is caring now for more than 500 of these families.

  • Programs Funded: This grant will help complete the construction of the TAPS Ukraine Resilience Center in Dnipro, which will offer forums and training for 10,000+ Ukrainians covering mental wellness, trauma resolution, and emergency medical care.

Move Ukraine

Move Ukraine provides sustainable housing communities and jobs for Ukrainians who have been affected or are returning with no place to live.

  • Program Funded: Providing shelter rehabilitation with permanent housing for internally displaced persons in Kharkiv and Lviv with co-financing from local municipalities.

About BlueCheck Ukraine

BlueCheck Ukraine, co-founded by actor and activist Liev Schreiber, was launched by a collective of humanitarian crisis response experts whose mission is to quickly identify, vet, and support grassroots Ukrainian aid organizations that provide critical life-saving and humanitarian work on the ground. The organization fast-tracks urgent financial funds to partners who deliver medical care and rehabilitate damaged health facilities, evacuate and care for orphans and children with special needs, provide food, water, and shelter for people driven from their homes, take care of senior citizens, and quickly respond to many more urgent needs of Ukrainians affected by the war.