Enhance Your Blood Elf or Druid with New Customizations

Whether you’re looking for a new hair style for you blood elf or looking for a new form of expression for your Druid, the Guardians of the Dream update has what you need.

Four New Blood Elf Hair Colors

Be a more colorful you with a new hair color when you visit the Barber Shop.

New Druid Forms

With the launch of Guardians of the Dream, we’re introducing a veritable menagerie of fantastical Druid forms for you to choose from when you visit the in-game Barber Shop.

Blue and Green Dreamsabers

Bear Form

  • Runebear: Yellow
  • Umbraclaw: Brown, White, Black
  • Bristlebruin: Green, Ash

Cat Form

  • Dreamsaber: Blue, Purple, Green

Travel Form: Ground

Golden Gladehart and Purple and Blue Dreamtalon

  • Gladehart: Green, Golden, Ashes
  • Dreamtalons: Black/Purple, Blue, Green/Red, Purple/Blue, White/Green

Travel Form: Aquatic

  • Dreaming Nae’dra

Travel Form: Flight

  • Somnowl: Slumbering, Azure, Anu’relos, Flames Guidance


Moonkin also has a variety of new customizations including a new colors, beaks, horns,  eyebrows, whiskers, feathers, decorations, and effects. Visit your local Barber to view all the available options.

We look forward to seeing your new look in the Emerald Dream.