Romp and Stomp in Murloc Mrrrggkness

Store Update

From now until May 27, 2024, immerse your collection in swampy fun with a new bundle deal—the Mrlgrl Pack.

Grab the best amphibious accessories and fashion World of Warcraft® has to offer—filled with goodies to make you gurgle, “Aaaaaughibbrgubugbugrguburgle”!

For the ardent collector of all things murloc, the Mrlgrl Pack contains:

  • Green Snugglefin Murloc Romper which includes both the Happy and Angry Hood variants.
  • Baby Murloc Satch’Shells 
  • Murkmorpher Toy 
  • Murkastrasza Pet 

Pick Up the Mrlgrl Pack

This offer is valid through May 27, 2024, and requires a World of Warcraft subscription or Game Time. These items are not available in World of Warcraft® Classic progression games.

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