Hop Into Noblegarden April 24 - May 1

April 25th by Nethaera

Ahh, the dulcet sounds of spring hover in the Azerothian air. The birds are chirping, the air smells sweeter, and cute fluffy bunnies follow you everywhere you go. You think to yourself, “Life in a war-torn and tumultuous world isn’t so bad after all.”  It’s then that a realization comes to light -- Noblegarden has arrived. Dressing in your most festive finery, bunny ears firmly situated and basket in hand, you set out to join the celebration.

Its origins steeped in druidic festivals from times long past, the current incarnation of Noblegarden is a contrast between ancient traditions and modern interpretations. While some races of Azeroth try to stay true to the original spirit of the holiday, others prefer a more lighthearted approach -- like searching for festively decorated eggs and collecting the goodies found within. One tenet all can agree on is that the feast of Noblegarden is meant to bring communities together to share the joy of life and friendship.

Noblegarden begins April 24 and runs through May 1. With it comes the noble and delicious quest to find the most chocolate eggs for fun, prizes, and bragging rights. Crack open their shells to reveal fabulous attire and prizes, or smooth (calorie-free) chocolate delights to eat or spend at special event vendors. 

To take part in the hunt, simply visit one of the proving grounds where young heroes begin their adventures.