PvP Season 9 Ending Soon - [Updated 6/28]

June 28th by Zarhym

Updated June 28: Honor Points Capped at 4000 During Patch 4.2 Maintenance

During maintenance the change that was intended to be applied for the start of Season 10 next week, which was to cap Honor Points at 4000 and convert any points above the cap to gold, was inadvertently applied early. This means that everyone who would have down-converted Conquest to Honor over the 4000 cap had those additional points converted to gold at a rate of 35 silver per point and sent to them via in-game mail.

We’re still researching what steps led to the error, but unfortunately due to the nature of the currency conversion that took place, we’ll be unable to reverse the change, remove the delivered gold, or reinstate the surplus Honor Points.

We apologize greatly for this error.


Arena and Rated Battleground Season 9 is scheduled to end as early as June 28. At that point we will determine who is eligible for the end-of-season rewards, a process that should take approximately one week. It's very important for players who feel that they may be eligible for Arena titles and/or the Vicious Gladiator’s Twilight Drake to refrain from transferring their characters to another realm or faction until after Season 9 ends. During the break between seasons, all Rated Battleground and Arena matches will be unavailable.

At the end of the season, Conquest Points will be converted to Honor Points, possibly exceeding the 4,000 point Honor cap. All Season 9 items will cost Honor Points (equivalent to their previous Conquest Point cost) when the season ends, with the exception of any items with rating requirements attached. These items will no longer be available for purchase.

The next Arena and Rated Battleground season will begin for level-85 players approximately one week after the end of Season 9 and will coincide with the awarding of Season 9 titles and mounts. At that time, any Honor accrued above the 4,000-point cap will be converted into gold at a rate of 35 silver per point. In addition, Season 10 rewards will be made available for purchase with Conquest Points awarded during the new season. All Team and Personal Ratings will be wiped when Season 10 begins. Matchmaking Ratings, however, will carry over into Season 10.