Loremaster: July’s Digital Manga Releases

Digital Manga

Check out the latest Digital Manga releases available from Blizzard Entertainment through the Cryptozoic Comics App. The Cryptozoic Comics App is available as a free download from the iTunes store.

Weighing in at over 160 pages each, you’ll find plenty of reading material to entertain you through the entire month of July:

World of Warcraft: Mage

On the heels of "Warcraft: Death Knight", this class-based manga follows a young mage who faces his greatest challenge when he is forced to confront a foe only he can stop.

Warcraft Legends Vol. 3

Featuring anthology stories "Fiend," "Crusader's Blood," "I Got What Yule Need," and "The Thrill of the Hunt."

StarCraft Frontline Vol. 1

Featuring anthology stories "Why We Fight," "Thundergod," "Weapon of War," and "Heavy Armor pt. 1."

Be sure to check the Cryptozoic Comics App regularly as you’ll find new books and specials each month.