Coming in 4.3: Gilneas Reputation Mounts

September 1st by Blizzard Entertainment

In World of Warcraft: Cataclysm patch 4.3, we’ll be unlocking an additional set of Alliance mounts. We recognize that when players undertake a faction change to the worgen race, there are no Gilneas faction mounts to exchange for their original faction mounts. Players who do so see their total number of mounts decrease.

With the patch, we’ll be adding Gilneas faction mounts to the stables of Azeroth. Alliance characters with exalted Gilneas reputation will now be able to claim these additional mounts to add to their own stables (and achievement numbers).

Click on the images below for a preview of what’s coming:

We hope you’ll visit the new worgen racial mount vendor to pick out a steed to call your own.