The St. Jude Charity Auction Continues

November 8th by Blizzard Entertainment

Owning a piece of Blizzard Entertainment history has never been this easy -- or felt this good. We’ve just made a new batch of retired server blades available for auction. Take a look at the list of recently opened auctions below. Net proceeds from each auction will be donated to St. Jude Children’s Hospital.

For more details and to view the auction schedule of available realm blades, please visit our information page or go directly to the listings for North America to place your bid.

Aerie Peak Dath'Remar Kael'thas Spirestone
Alexstrasza Deathwing Kel'Thuzad Stormscale
Alterac Mountains Dethecus Khaz Modan Thaurissan
Antonidas Draenor Korgath Thrall
Anvilmar Dragonblight Lethon Thunderhorn
Archimonde Drenden Lightning's Blade Tichondrius
Arygos Duskwood Llane Turalyon
Azshara Eitrigg Malfurion Warsong
Baelgun Elune Mal'Ganis Whisperwind
Balnazzar Fizzcrank Moonrunner Wildhammer
Bladefist Galakrond Nazjatar Winterhoof
Bleeding Hollow Gorefiend Onyxia Ysondre
Bloodhoof Gorgonnash Shadowsong Zuluhed
Boulderfist Gurubashi Shattered Halls  
Caelestrasz Haomarush Shattered Hand  
Darkspear Jaedenar Silvermoon  

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