Live Developer Chat Presented by Best Buy, Sept. 18

Best Buy
September 18th by Zarhym

Best Buy will be hosting a World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria Developer Chat tomorrow, Tuesday, September 18 at 4 p.m. PDT. Lead systems designer Greg Street, lead encounter designer Ion Hazzikostas, lead content designer Cory Stockton, and lead quest designer Dave Kosak will be on-hand to field questions from anyone who'd like to join in. The event will be held on the Best Buy chat client, so be sure to register for their forums if you'd like to participate.

All questions will be reviewed and answered in a queued format before being published, and community manager Crithto and I will be there to help facilitate things for our developers. Given that our friends at Best Buy are conducting this promotional chat, we expect that it may attract a broad audience of gamers curious about Mists of Pandaria. While we'll make every effort to get to as many questions as possible, we anticipate receiving many questions about the core features the upcoming expansion has to offer.

These gentlemen are outstanding developers and a lot of fun to talk to -- it's sure to be a lovely time. We hope you'll come take part!