Mists of Pandaria Zone Preview: Krasarang Wilds

September 18th by Nethaera

Along the southern coast of Pandaria stretches an inhospitable jungle known as the Krasarang Wilds. Separated from the idyllic Valley of Four Winds by an enormous natural cliff known as Wind’s Edge, the Wilds play host to a number of adventures. Today we’ll be talking with Zach Owens, Associate Quest Designer, about the Krasarang Wilds and the dark secrets held within.

Wood of Staves Hero

Krasarang Wilds Hero

Q. Could you name three places you feel players shouldn’t miss on their first journey through the zone?
A. Only three?! That’s not easy. The jungles of Krasarang Wilds are as gorgeous as they are deadly. I often catch myself just staring off into the trees, watching for movement, soaking in the sounds of the rivers and the local wildlife. It isn’t long before your eyes find a hint of ruins and other things long buried beneath the trees.

First, the Ruins of Dojan in the eastern portion of the zone are a stunning collection of architecture left behind by the murderous mogu during the height of their power. Tribes of the mogu have returned to these ancient dwellings to search for relics and weapons left behind by their long-passed empire. It is from these ruins that the mogu are able to harass and threaten the newly arrived tauren Sunwalkers of Thunder Cleft and the battalion of night elf sentinels at the Incursion. It will take a proper hero to aid the Horde and Alliance forces from being annihilated before they even get their bearings.

Second up on my list is one of my favorite buildings in all of Pandaria. Hidden away in the deepest part of the jungle is the mighty Temple of the Red Crane. Once a symbol of hope for Pandaria, the temple is under siege by the Sha of Despair. Players will have the opportunity to fight alongside the powerful Red Crane monks and a young human prince to free the August Celestial from the very embodiment of Despair.

Lastly, for those fond of extreme fishing, the Angler's Wharf is the place to be! Some of the greatest fishers from all of Azeroth have found their way to this remote location off the southern end of Krasarang. Here, players will encounter some familiar faces and new fishing legends. Whether a fan of fishing or adventure, there is plenty of both to be found here.


Q. From a story perspective, what are the major things happening here?
A. Krasarang Wilds has a leap frog approach to its story telling. Players travelling from east to west will trade off engaging the Sha of Despair while aiding the Alliance and/or Horde against the dangers of the land. Combined with a number of smaller questing hubs, players will find that their story experience in the jungle will call them to action as the protagonist who must be the beacon of hope for the zone.

The Krasarang Wilds have a deep history and more than just animals are hidden beneath the canopy of this ancient jungle. It has been the prison of the Sha of Despair for ages. Before that, it was a prison crafted and ruled by the ancient mogu emperors who were at war with monsters of their own creation: the saurok.

It is here that the Temple of the Red Crane has stood for thousands of years as a testament to the hope of the pandaren people.

And as the players arrive, they will see the dramatic impact of what happens when that beacon of hope falters. The mogu have returned to their ancient dwellings, searching for lost magics and buried weapons left behind by their ancestors. The saurok raid anyone that has their back turned. The fisherfolk of Marista are harassed by the hozen of Unga Ingoo. Even the terrifying mantid have been seen east of the Serpent's Spine. And the monks of the Red Crane are assailed by the Sha of Despair and its minions.

It is in all of this that a small group of Horde and Alliance forces have landed, drawn by visions of healing and power. Unlike Nazgrim and Taylor's advance forces in the Jade Forest, these travelers are divided in their goals and purpose, and will need all the help they can get from the players to find their moral compass.

This zone also picks up the story of our monk friends from the Tian Monastery as they continue their search for the Hidden Master. Ken-Ken has searched the eastern wind only to find Zhu's Bastion, a pandaren village responsible for holding back the dangers of the Krasarang Wilds. But these brave watchers have succumbed to the Sha of Despair, and Ken-Ken is running out of ideas on how to cheer these sad pandaren up.

Following the southern winds, the mighty and impulsive Kang Bramblestaff has come across the new strangers of the Horde and Alliance. Putting his search for the Hidden Master on hold, Kang finds his mighty staff is needed to aid these strangers as they are forced to confront a villainous mogu.

The Krasarang Wilds are an expansive jungle that holds many secrets. The more players explore, the more story and adventure they will uncover.


Q. What sort of races and factions can we look forward to?
A. Krasarang is home to a number of races the players will probably already have encountered in the Jade Forest: the murderous and rampaging saurok, the brutal and dominating mogu, and the life-sucking Sha of Despair. Travelers will also find Jinyu near the great river of the zone and pirate hozen along the southern isles of Unga Ingoo.

But this is the zone where most players will get their first real taste of the mantid. Scouts and vanguard of the swarm have made it over the great wall of the Serpent's Spine and are amassing in the western portion of the jungle.

As for factions, the August Celestials and the Anglers are looking for assistance from any high level adventurers willing to brave the jungle. On the southern islands, monks of the red crane spar with one another seeking the admiration and approval of their celestial. So you can test your mettle against these devotees and maybe earn the respect of the red crane while you’re at it.

At the aforementioned Angler's Wharf you can look forward to some exciting extreme fishing! The Anglers will be looking for any players willing to aid them in getting the greatest catch or fending off some of the more rascally dangers of the lagoons. Not a fan of swimming? Not to worry! These talented fishermen can provide a raft guaranteed to keep you afloat . . . until it doesn't.

That about covers the basics of Krasarang Wilds. Next time, we will be venturing into the high peaks of the Kun-Lai Summit. Pack your mountain climbing gear and the smelliest good luck charm you can find as you are about to face down the gullet of mountain hozen, hordes of yaungol, dirty yaks, and the very embodiment of Anger!