Major Payne’s Pet Menagerie: Spectral Porcupette

Pet Battles
March 29th by Crithto

Many years ago, I was in Loch Modan training to become the mighty paragon of a champion you see before you. Let’s not quibble about how legendary I am to behold! One day while I was out hunting grizzlies, armed with nothing more than a Whittling Knife, I was ambushed by a wily Mosshide chieftain by the name of Sagepaw! Several hours later, I was the proud owner of a fist-full of gnoll teeth, three new scars, and a very warm fur blanket. You know you’re impressed!

The reason I’m regaling you with this tale of just one of my many triumphs is that I know exactly how you tamers are gonna feel with this week’s challenge: Collect enough Giant Dinosaur Bones to earn yourself a Spectral Porcupette! There’s no hiking half-way across Pandaria carrying grummles on your back this time. No, your training will come at the hands—err, claws and hooves—of the primal monstrosities that run rampant on the Isle of Giants. There you will be reminded of just how fragile life can be!  If you want one of these paranormal, prickly pets, you’re gonna have to work for it! Give these tamers what for, Crithto.


Crithto : This ghostly creature can be yours for a hefty pile of bones, if you dare to face the powerful beasts that roam the Isle of Giants. The Spectral Porcupette uses new moves drawn from the realm of spirits, blinding foes with Spectral Spine to strike them for heavy damage with Spectral Strike. The Porcupette can also go on the defensive, throwing up Spirit Spikes to damage any pet foolish enough to strike it, and warding off blows with Illusionary Barrier.

You have your orders! Be prepared to face some of Azeroth’s most dangerous creatures . . . and if the challenge makes you feel like you need a bottle and “nap nap time”, I won't laugh too hard if you want to bring some friends along with you. Tamers dismissed!

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