Major Payne’s Pet Menagerie: Winterspring Cub

May 10th by Crithto

I have a motto my closest friends are lucky enough to hear me say quite frequently: I’m humble, and I’m proud of it! From my rippling chest muscles to my bulging biceps, becoming the chiseled Grand Master you tremble before each day didn’t happen overnight. I try not to make a point of this too often . . . but there’s no escaping reality today!

It’s going to take dedication and focus for you to reach the heights I have. Chances are you won’t! Unless, of course, you follow my every command. Aside from exercising your mind and body every day through Pet Battles, you must also work on your spirit, heart, and temperament. Recently, you learned the virtue of patience by associating with needy children. Now it’s time for you to learn humility.

For those of you who pledge allegiance to the Alliance, the snow-covered hills and valleys of Winterspring is your destination. For those of you who scream “For the Horde!”, your destination is the steamy swamps of Un’Goro Crater. Your assignment? Develop a deep-seated sense of humility by trying to slowly, methodically earn the respect of cute widdle kitty cats and hatchlings! Bwahahaha!

Break it down for 'em, Crithto!


Crithto: Vibrant colors and a big, fuzzy face might be enough to momentarily distract your opponents and produce a “d’aww!” reaction, but the Winterspring Cub is much more than just a bundle of adorableness. Strategy is what this pet is all about, through opening combinations like Prowl and Pounce, and closing abilities like Screech and Devour. In other words, the Winterspring Cub isn’t just a cutie . . . it’s a maker of mangled entrails!

Sure, you could just plunk down a few gold coins for one of these kittens and be on your way, but a real trainer knows you can’t truly earn the right to have a Winterspring Cub on your Pet Battles team without first proving you know how to build a long-term, primal bond. Take the easy way out, and you’ll know in your heart you’ve done wrong. Worse yet—I’ll know!

Once your task is complete, you’ll not only have the tools to build a lasting relationship with your new companion, but you’ll also have the honor of riding around with pride on your very own Winterspring Frostsaber or Venomhide Ravasaur.

My pals Rivern Frostwind in Winterspring and Mor’vek in Un’Goro await your arrival. WIPE THE DROOL FROM YOUR LIPS AND GET MOVIN’!

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