Major Payne’s Pet Menagerie: Ji-Kun Hatchling

May 24th by Crithto

Over the past several weeks, I’ve spent a fair amount of time exploring the inner workings and caverns of the Throne of Thunder. What I’ve found to be most amusing are the numerous piles of bones from adventurers who just couldn’t handle one thing: a bird. Don’t act like some of them aren’t yours!

Admittedly, Ji-Kun does have a large, rather dangerous beak perfectly evolved for tearing off limbs, along with a pair of wings powerful enough to send a plate-clad tauren soaring off a platform like a piece of paper. Yet I can’t help but find this winged beast quite charming. The last time we sat down and squawked together, she was kind enough to call over her clutch to keep me warm. And not coincidentally, I enjoyed a large tray of hot wings that night. Bet you didn’t see that coming!

I have determined, however, that Ji-Kun has flown the coop! She no longer rules the roost, and it’s your job to put a yolk on her and stop the fowl play.

Crithto is heron my behalf to share details about the pet you’re after.


Crithto: No bones about it, the Ji-Kun Hatchling is an eggcellent DPS pet to have on your team. With calamitous abilities like Acidic Goo and Flock, this fledgling can quickly tern the tide against your opponent. But the mayhem doesn’t stop there--its Caw and Slicing Winds can be quite ravenous. Owl leave you with these words: You can thank me later wren you get this pet!

Now, I have no intention of ruffling your feathers here. During your training you’ve proven you can claw your way out of many scary predicaments, but this pet won’t be easy to tame, because Ji-Kun won’t give up her young on a lark.

Quick, there’s little time to sparrow! Get thee to Throne of Thunder! YOU WON’T EGRET IT!!

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