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Poll: We Know What You Did Last Winter Veil

Okay, so that's not entirely true. We are curious, however, about all the fun things you did this Winter Veil. Maybe you became an Assistant Professor in Archaeology, earned your first stone drake, or even struck it rich on the Auction House. Whether you were naughty or nice, we'd like to know what activities you chose to focus on during the holidays. Head on over to our forum poll to submit your vote.

13 years ago
Feast of Winter Veil Presents

Presents! There's now a presence of presents under the tree near Greatfather Winter in Orgrimmar for Horde, and in Ironforge for Alliance. Be sure to stop by and pick up this year's exclusive gift.

13 years ago
Explorers' League Journal: Entry VI

Season's greetings, adventurers! It's that time of week again, so grab your shovels and let's take a look at what's happening in-game and around the community.

13 years ago
World of Warcraft Stories: Tidings of Winter Veil

The Feast of Winter Veil is upon us! In celebration of this festive holiday and the arrival of Greatfather Winter, we've selected three more inspiring stories to share with the community. These are personal accounts from your fellow World of Warcraft enthusiasts that are sure to fill your heart with mirth and good cheer and remind us that, sometimes, the greatest gifts are those that require no wrappings at all.

13 years ago
World of Warcraft Stories: The Spirit of Sharing

Throughout the years, World of Warcraft players have opened up their hearts to the community and shared with us their inspirational stories of romances found, friendships built , and hardships overcome. With Pilgrim's Bounty just on the horizon, we've selected three uplifting stories to share, submitted for your reading pleasure. These are personal accounts from your fellow World of Warcraft enthusiasts that touch upon the importance of family, love, and laughter and remind us that there's so much in our lives for which we should be thankful.

14 years ago