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Shadowlands Preview: A Look at Covenant Systems

In Shadowlands, players will be able to quest through four new zones ruled by ancient and powerful Covenants. Upon reaching the max level of 60, players will be able to join one of these Covenants as they continue to explore the Warcraft universe’s afterlife and the many mysteries and adventures that it holds.

3 years ago
Shadowlands Preview: Soulbinds

Soulbind with key members from your Covenant to gain beneficial traits so you can effectively combat all who stand in your way.

3 years ago
Explore Azeroth With Friends Using Party Sync

There’s never been a better time to party up with your friends to explore Azeroth and beyond. Use Party Sync to play with friends old and new by questing together on any characters you have, no matter their levels.

3 years ago