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Arena Pass: Getting In and Gearing Up

The 2011 World of Warcraft Arena Pass has begun with the Practice Phase: the perfect time to experiment! You can check out all the various options available in the Arena Pass, and maybe try out some alternate team combinations before the serious fighting begins. Which classes do you want your three characters to be and what specs will they all have? Now is the time to set up your characters and prepare them for the Ladder Phase that starts on June 7.

12 years ago
Draw Your Weapons; the Arena Pass is Here

The 2011 World of Warcraft Arena Pass practice phase has begun, and competitors have started creating and customizing their new level-85 combatants to battle for glory. Only three weeks remain in the practice period for you to experiment and prepare for the month-long ladder bonanza that follows.  Once the practice period is over, all ratings are reset and the real competition begins. To sign up for the Arena Pass, visit our Arena Pass General Information page here. If you’d like to meet fellow participants or find teammates to play with, visit the Arena Pass forum. For answers to some of your questions, check out the Arena Pass FAQ.

12 years ago
PvP Season 9 Has Begun!

The first PvP season of World of Warcraft: Cataclysm is underway! Players are now able to compete in level-85 Rated Arenas for top gear, items, and titles -- and for the first time ever, they can enter level-85 Rated Battlegrounds to fight for the same rewards available through Arenas, along with the original World of Warcraft PvP titles.

13 years ago
War Games: Battleground and Arena Skirmishes

Beginning with Arena Season 9, we're giving Arena and Battleground teams the option to challenge each other to War Games, a new kind of skirmish that allows teams to practice, set up matches against friends or rivals, or even try out potential recruits. We've prepared a handy FAQ to explain how it works.

13 years ago