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New Class Sets Coming to the Trading Post!

Beginning with the month of September and each month through December, the Trading Post will be introducing new transmogs sets and new transmog weapon sets specific to each class.

7 months ago
Battle for Azeroth Preview: Closer to the Heart of Azeroth

The road to healing Azeroth is a long one and will require a powerful new Artifact — the Heart of Azeroth. Read on to learn more about this item and the new Azerite Armor System.

6 years ago
Patch 6.2- Armor Preview

The drums of war beat within the fel halls of Hellfire Citadel, even as the Horde and Alliance continue to clash on the fields of battle. Great rewards await those who would face the dangers within the dark heart of Tanaan Jungle, as well as those who take part in the never-ending battle between Azeroth’s warring factions.

9 years ago
Tier 16 Raid Armor Preview

Garrosh’s warmongering and treasonous behavior must be stopped! Though many challenges await raiders who dare to take on the Siege of Orgrimmar, the rewards will certainly be epic. Before you head into the new Raid instance, here’s a glimpse at the Tier 16 armor sets you’ll be able to earn.

10 years ago
Patch 4.2: Rage of the Firelands Now Live

World of Warcraft Patch 4.2, Rage of the Firelands is here! With a new raid, a legendary questline, all-new raid tier and PvP armor sets, the most diverse daily questing experience to date, major story developments, PvP Season 10, user interface enhancements, and much more, patch 4.2 has brought Azeroth a little something for everyone.

13 years ago