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Add Shu-Zen the Divine Sentinel to Your Collection!

Fiercely protective and loyal, Shu-Zen, the Divine Sentinel mount is now available in the in-game Shop and Blizzard Shop!

6 years ago
This Week Only – 33% Off Cosmetic Armor Pieces

This sale has ended.

10 years ago
33% Off Winged Guardian Mount—This Week Only

For a limited time, the Winged Guardian mount can be claimed and added to your personal collection for 33% off the normal price.

10 years ago
Cosmetic Armor Pieces—Now Available on Blizzard Store

Three new cosmetic items are now available on the Blizzard Store! Visit your friendly neighborhood NPC Transmogrifier to replace the look of your existing helm with one of these imposing pieces of headgear.

11 years ago
50% Off Moonkin Hatchling Pet—This Week Only

The googly-eyed Moonkin Hatchling, which comes in unique Horde and Alliance versions, is on sale this week for just $5

11 years ago
Blossoming Ancient—New Pet Store Exclusive Now Available

The Cenarion Circle seeks worthy champions to spread regrowth across the land by tending to a Blossoming Ancient, a sign of seasonal rebirth.

11 years ago
Armored Bloodwing—Exclusive Mount Now Available

Soar into battle atop the undisputed ruler of the night skies—the all-new Armored Bloodwing mount. This monstrous, flesh-eating bat is the perfect companion for trips that call for death and destruction. Once purchased from the Blizzard Store, the mount will be available to all present and future characters on a single® account.

11 years ago
World of Warcraft and The Burning Crusade -- Together at Last!

Haven’t yet ventured beyond the Dark Portal? Beginning today, June 28, players will be able to get both the original World of Warcraft and the game’s first expansion set, The Burning Crusade, for only $19.99 as part of the new digital Battle Chest now available in the online Blizzard Store.

13 years ago
Winged Guardian Arrives in Pet Store

A new arrival has just landed in the Blizzard Pet Store: the majestic Winged Guardian flying mount, a titan creation designed to protect Azeroth’s most ancient secrets. As with the Celestial Steed, this Guardian of the Titans will carry you across Azeroth as fast as your riding skill will take you. Head over to the Pet Store to see this new addition and other World of Warcraft companions, and check out the FAQ for more information. Pet Store

13 years ago