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World of Warcraft: Cooking Workshop

Join chef Lulaboo in the kitchen as she talks with World of Warcraft developers while putting her culinary chops to work preparing dishes inspired by the food and ingredients of Azeroth. Then craft them at home!

3 years ago
Pilgrim’s Bounty Has Begun!

Pilgrim’s Bounty has begun in Azeroth. Even amidst the trials and travails, the members of the Horde and the Alliance both pause to reflect on their good fortune and share with those around them.

8 years ago
Top Five Foodie Cooking Spots in Azeroth

Foodies unite! Here are our top five spots to chop and char in all of Azeroth.

9 years ago
Poll: Bounty Hunter

Bountiful Tables have been set up with care. Cooking fires blaze brightly in the failing autumn light. And wild turkeys once again roam the shaded pastures outside the Undercity and Elywnn Forest. Pilgrim's Bounty is in full swing. From cooking, to eating, to hunting, to (food) fighting, there are countless ways to celebrate the holiday. But of everything there is to do, which festivity do you enjoy the most?

14 years ago
Mark Your Calendars: Pilgrim's Bounty

Pull up a chair, grab a sizable helping of your favorite food, and prepare to reflect on the year's good tidings -- you're invited to Pilgrim's Bounty! The festivities start this Sunday, November 21, and continue all the way through next Saturday, November 27. Try your hand at cooking, hunt down a wild turkey with friends, or throw tradition to the wind and participate in an all-out food fight. There's fun for everyone, so we hope to see you there!

14 years ago