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Legion Class Preview Series: Death Knight

We continue our early look at class and specialization design with the Death Knight. In these blogs, we’ll be exploring class identity, discussing Legion’s new designs, and presenting core combat abilities for each specialization—laying out the foundation upon which talents and Artifacts will build further. With that in mind, let’s delve into what it means to be a Death Knight in World of Warcraft.

8 years ago
Legion: Death Knight Artifact Reveal

Only Azeroth’s most seasoned veterans possess the fortitude to wield Artifacts of legend against the Burning Legion. Your myth-forged weapon grows in power as you do, and your choices will change its abilities and the way it looks, sounds, and feels in combat. Fashion your Artifact into the perfect instrument of battle, and guide your faction in its most desperate hour.

8 years ago
CoverItLive Q&A: Class Design & Balance Transcript

Topic: World of Warcraft Class Design & Balance Hosts: Community Managers Bashiok and Zarhym Panelists: Class Designers Celestalon, Ghostcrawler, Koraa, Watcher, Wradyx, and Xelnath

12 years ago
Poll: Death Knights and Days

In this week’s New Player Tips, we asked veteran World of Warcraft players to advise newcomers on playing their first death knight. You weighed in on race selection, leveling specs, and your favorite ways to play a death knight at level 85. Now we have a question for you.

12 years ago
New Player Tips -- Death Becomes You

New Player Tips is a recurring feature in which we ask World of Warcraft veterans to share their thoughts and advice for new adventurers on a variety of in-game topics. This week’s topic is: Your first death knight.

12 years ago
Blizzard Art Gallery Update

The World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King Art Gallery has been updated with two pieces representing the Warcraft universe. Make your way through the gallery to take a glimpse into the process behind bringing Blizzard games to life, and the artistry those games have inspired.

13 years ago
New Fan Art

The Blizzard Fan Art Section has been updated with seven new pieces of fan artwork set within the Warcraft universe.

13 years ago