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Explorers' League Journal: The First Entry

Well met, travelers! Welcome to the first entry in our ongoing Explorers' League Journal. Together, we'll embark on frequent journeys through the fascinating World of Warcraft community and investigate the latest developments and topics of interest being discussed throughout the lands. It wouldn't be a proper start without drawing your attention to the exciting live preview and impending official launch of the brand-new World of Warcraft community site! Now, let's dig deeper and explore the riches.

14 years ago
Cataclysm Environment Previews (Redux)

To help prepare the denizens of Azeroth for life after The Shattering, we've been exploring a variety of dungeons, zones, and Battlegrounds that will be featured in World of Warcraft: Cataclysm, highlighting their key gameplay elements and delving a bit deeper into the characters that make these environments unique. If you missed out on any of these environment previews, search no further! We've compiled and organized them by their respective categories for you below. Be sure to check back periodically, too, since we'll be continually updating this page as new information is revealed. Enjoy!

14 years ago