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Dev Watercooler: Gearing up for Legion PvP

With the upcoming changes to PvP in Legion, we’re also making some big changes to how you gear up for battle. In this Dev Watercooler, Senior Game Designer Brian Holinka shares more of what’s in store.

8 years ago
Warlords of Draenor: Equipping for Battle

War looms on the horizon, and although the Iron Horde poses a substantial threat to all of Azeroth, old grudges between the Alliance and the Horde are not so easily set aside. As Warlords of Draenor development continues, we wanted to share some exciting changes coming to PvP gear and how you’ll earn it in the expansion.

10 years ago
CoverItLive Q&A: Class Design & Balance Transcript

Topic: World of Warcraft Class Design & Balance Hosts: Community Managers Bashiok and Zarhym Panelists: Class Designers Celestalon, Ghostcrawler, Koraa, Watcher, Wradyx, and Xelnath

12 years ago
Dev Watercooler-- Stats on Gear

"Dev Watercooler" is a blog series that provides an inside look into the thoughts and discussions happening within the World of Warcraft development team. In our first entry, Lead Systems Designer Greg "Ghostctrawler" Street laid down a few ground rules: 1.       No promises are being made in these Dev Watercooler blogs. 2.       Don't read too much between the lines. 3.       No complaints about the topic not being what you want to see covered.

13 years ago
Primary vs. Secondary Stats or: What Happened to All the Agi/Spirit Gear?

When we itemize armor and weapons, we nearly always give them a set amount of Stamina and a set amount of Strength, Agility, or Intellect. We call these the primary stats. The secondary stats include haste, dodge, crit, and mastery, as well as stats with cap targets, like hit and expertise. I'll discuss those, as well as Spirit, a little later.

13 years ago