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It's Time to Grab Your Winter Veil Gifts

Greatfather Winter has placed presents under the boughs of the Winter Veil tree. Don't miss getting yours before the Greench gift-naps them!

a year ago
Prepare to be Merry– The Feast of Winter Veil Is Here!

‘Tis the season to eat, drink, wear gaudy sweaters, and be oh so very, very merry. The Feast of Winter Veil has begun! Read on to learn more.

7 years ago
Dear Greatfather Winter:

Every year, the inhabitants of Azeroth put words to thought in a plea to Greatfather Winter that he might bring to them that which they desire most … Presents!

7 years ago
Your Letters to Greatfather Winter

He sees you when you're sleeping, but he can't read your mind.

8 years ago
‘Tis the Season: Dear Greatfather Winter

It’s the time of year when the many residents of Azeroth take time to pause and think about all of the good and bad they’ve wrought throughout the year. And even if their self-reflection reveals the shriveled heart of the Greench, they’ll write a letter to Greatfather Winter anyway in the hopes they’ll get just want they want for Winter Veil.

10 years ago
Letters to Greatfather Winter

‘Tis the season once again when good little orcs and humans all over Azeroth hope that Greatfather Winter will bring them that shiny new axe or special non-combat pet (to love and pet and call Spot) for Winter Veil.

13 years ago