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Play with More Friends with Cross-Faction Guilds

We're blurring the faction line for guilds and allowing players to create and join same-realm guilds with their friends from the opposite faction when the Embers of Neltharion update arrives on May 2.

10 months ago
Mammoths on Parade

There is nothing quite like a mammoth parade– the rumble of heavy feet stamping the ground in stolid purpose, shaggy dust stained coats swaying to and fro with every movement, shining tusks jutting out in defiance of any who would dare cross their path.

10 years ago
Ask The Devs - #6

The answers are in from our latest installment of Ask the Devs.

13 years ago
Poll: Yes, We're All Individuals

Guilds are comprised of people who share common interests or goals. Beyond that definition, guilds come in countless different flavors, each taking on its own personality, whether it's quiet and reserved, boisterous and bustling, or competitive and cutthroat. Guilds are as varied and unique as their members. This week’s poll asks, "What kind of guild do you belong to?"

13 years ago
New Player Tips: Building Foundations

New Player Tips is a recurring feature in which we ask World of Warcraft veterans to share their thoughts and advice for new adventurers on a variety of in-game topics. This week's topic is: building solid guild foundations.

13 years ago