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Noblegarden Springs to Life This Week!

Don your bunny ears and get hopping—Noblegarden is in full bloom from April 18 through April 25. The time for hunting eggs, eating delicious chocolate, and collecting toys and pets is here!

2 years ago
Inside Azeroth: December Edition

There’s plenty to do this month whether you plan to delve into Sargeras’ seat of power in Antorus, the Burning Throne Raid dungeon or don your favorite ugly sweater and jingle all the way into the festivities of Winter Veil. Read on to learn more!

7 years ago
This Month in WoW®: November 2017

Prepare your appetite for a cornucopia of events this month–BlizzCon 2017, Pilgrim’s Bounty, and World of Warcraft’s 13-year Anniversary are all ahead. Read on to learn more.

7 years ago
This Month in WoW®—September 2017

The lazy days of Summer are slipping away and the cooler winds of Autumn (and blustering pirates too) are just around the corner. Read on to learn more about what’s ahead.

7 years ago
This Month in WoW: January 2017

It’s almost time to ring in the new year! In this edition of This Month in WoW, we share what’s coming for the month of January, take a brief look back on 2016, and ask you to share your Word of Warcraft plans for the New Year.

7 years ago
This Month in WoW — February 2016

The moon is waxing full and glorious over the Azeroth sky and love is most definitely in the air as we move into the month of February.

8 years ago
Merry Winter Veil, Presents Are Here!

Hear ye, hear ye! Gather your friends, your family, and your guildmates—Greatfather Winter has come! Underneath the trees in Orgrimmar and Ironforge, you’ll find a collection of very special presents waiting for Azeroth’s wardens of Winter Veil cheer. Naughty or nice, warlock or paladin—come one, come all!

10 years ago
In-game Events Page Now Live

From weekly fishing contests to yearly recurring holidays with monthly carnivals in between, you never have to look far to find a celebration in World of Warcraft.

11 years ago
The Chronicles of Community: The Skull, the Fansite and the Loot Closet

We’ve catalogued the spoils of our intractable war with the dust mites inhabiting our mythical Closet; and, at the expense of a few hundred carrier pigeons, we tossed the riches to a number of worthy allies in the community. Many of these treasures are of a most rare quality and cannot be found anymore.

12 years ago