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Battle for Azeroth: Tiragarde Sound Visitor’s Guide

Untangle a web of betrayal and dark magic in the seafaring kingdom of Kul Tiras, a land dominated by four major houses, including House Proudmoore in Tiragarde Sound, House Waycrest in Drustvar, and House Stormsong in Stormsong Valley. Join us as we take you on a brief tour of Tiragarde Sound and the capital city of Boralus.

9 months ago
SPOILERS INSIDE!!! Battle for Azeroth: The Story So Far – Week 1

The Battle for Azeroth has begun, and for those interested in the latest story developments, we’ve curated the in-game cinematics from the Siege of Lordaeron event through the first arrival of the Horde in Zandalar and the Alliance in Kul Tiras. Be warned—there are SPOILERS INSIDE!!!

6 years ago
Battle for Azeroth Preview: Stormsong Valley Visitor’s Guide

The song of the sea flows through the veins of those who dwell within Stormsong Valley. Ruled by House Stormsong, the land is gripped by an undercurrent of darkness that seems tied to the disappearance of the Kul Tiran fleet. Join us as we take you on a brief tour of Stormsong Valley.

6 years ago
New Comic: World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth #1 — Jaina: “Reunion”

As the Horde and the Alliance reckon with the aftermath of their war with the Burning Legion, Jaina Proudmoore finds herself doing some soul searching in the ruins of Theramore.

6 years ago