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Raid Preview: Taking on the Trial of Valor

Get ready to journey further into the tale of Odyn and Helya in the new raid dungeon, Trial of Valor. Read on to learn more.

7 years ago
Patch 7.1 Preview: New Adventures in the Broken Isles

Here’s a look at an assortment of Patch 7.1 activities you can enjoy in addition to your return to Karazhan.

7 years ago
PvP Rewards in Patch 7.1

With Patch 7.1 arriving on October 25, we wanted to share some details about how PvP rewards from Battlegrounds, Skirmishes, Arenas and Rated Battlegrounds are being updated.

7 years ago
Dungeon Preview — A Return to Karazhan

It’s been some time since the heroes of Azeroth have been called into the halls of Karazhan to do battle with the evils within, but a return was inevitable with so many secrets left undiscovered. That time is soon at hand. Read on to learn more.

7 years ago