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Azeroth Choppers Episode 5 – Watch Now!

The time has come! This week on Azeroth Choppers, the Blizzard teams brave the cold and journey out to New York for a first look at the Horde and Alliance bikes.

10 years ago
Meet Teams Alliance and Horde: Azeroth Choppers

In the blast-off episode of Azeroth Choppers, Paul Jr. presented some initial bike designs to Teams Alliance and Horde. With both teams seemingly confident in Mr. Paul Jr.’s intrepid aesthetic prowess, and attentiveness to the cultural identity of the respective factions, we wanted to get some thoughts from the cohorts of Metzen and Samwise.

10 years ago
The Race Is On! Watch the Azeroth Choppers Premiere Now

Watch Team Horde, led by Sam Didier, and Team Alliance, led by Chris Metzen, battle it out to create the ultimate chopper. In Episode 1, Paul Jr. and the teams embark on their epic quest, and right out of the gates they’re blindsided by a few surprises. Don’t miss a single second as the sparks fly and the race begins.

10 years ago