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Poll: We Know What You Did Last Winter Veil

Okay, so that's not entirely true. We are curious, however, about all the fun things you did this Winter Veil. Maybe you became an Assistant Professor in Archaeology, earned your first stone drake, or even struck it rich on the Auction House. Whether you were naughty or nice, we'd like to know what activities you chose to focus on during the holidays. Head on over to our forum poll to submit your vote.

13 years ago
Poll: Dah Nuh, Dah Nuh...

Off the coast of Dun Morogh, beneath the sunlit reaches of the Great Sea, swims the arbiter of the deep. Known to many as simply "the whale shark," this legendary leviathan patrols the sunken ruins of Vashj’ir, casually devouring any inattentive or overzealous adventurers who cross its path. Tales pour in daily from those who have fallen victim to -- or somehow managed to survive -- the whale shark’s wrath. But, how about you? Have you encountered this abyssal beast yet, and if so, how did you fare?

13 years ago
Poll: Two Paths Diverged in a Shattered World

Deathwing's emergence will change much more than the face of Azeroth; it will also introduce new dangers and adventures for the brave heroes who recently triumphed over the Lich King in Northrend. For those of you who have returned victorious from the cold north and are now prepared to battle against Deathwing and the sinister Twilight's Hammer cult under Cho'gall, a difficult choice awaits. Where will you go first in your quest to spare Azeroth from annihilation?

13 years ago
Poll: Bounty Hunter

Bountiful Tables have been set up with care. Cooking fires blaze brightly in the failing autumn light. And wild turkeys once again roam the shaded pastures outside the Undercity and Elywnn Forest. Pilgrim's Bounty is in full swing. From cooking, to eating, to hunting, to (food) fighting, there are countless ways to celebrate the holiday. But of everything there is to do, which festivity do you enjoy the most?

13 years ago
Poll: A Brave New World

With patch 4.0.3 now live, the stage has been set for the coming cataclysm. The return of Deathwing is imminent, and soon Azeroth will be changed forever. Many of you have been anticipating this moment. You've posted, blogged, podcasted, and even tweeted about it. But, after the world is torn asunder by the wrath of the corrupted Dragon Aspect, what will you do first?

13 years ago
Poll: The End is Near!

The earth shakes with growing frequency. Elementals pour out of rifts like rodents escaping a sinking ship. Your esteemed faction leaders, barely recovered from the strain of the campaign in Northrend, have been summoned to deliberate on a matter most urgent. And now, doomsayers affiliated with the Twilight's Hammer are gathering openly within the city walls, preaching the coming of something dark and ancient... and the ruination of all. What in the Light's name is going on? With the world in upheaval and its people in a panic, it's time to prepare for the worst. If the end of Azeroth is indeed at hand, how would you want to spend your final days?

13 years ago