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Visions of N’Zoth: Auction House Update Preview

Take your buying and selling to a new level with Azeroth’s updated Auction House!

4 years ago
Legion Preview: Class Halls

Every class needs a place to call home—a special retreat where support can be found, and a war room in which plans can be made.

8 years ago
Patch 6.2 Preview – To the Shipyard!

In World of Warcraft Patch 6.2, you’ll oversee your Garrison’s first new major construction project—and take command of your forces in a whole new theater of war.

9 years ago
Tier 16 Raid Armor Preview

Garrosh’s warmongering and treasonous behavior must be stopped! Though many challenges await raiders who dare to take on the Siege of Orgrimmar, the rewards will certainly be epic. Before you head into the new Raid instance, here’s a glimpse at the Tier 16 armor sets you’ll be able to earn.

10 years ago
Patch 4.3 Raid Preview: Dragon Soul

World of Warcraft patch 4.3 will offer players the opportunity to take the fight to Wyrmrest Temple and beyond, assisting Thrall and the Dragon Aspects as they seek to bring an end to the Black Dragonflight once and for all.

12 years ago
Season 10 Armor Preview

PvP Season 9 will soon be coming to an end. Players on the battlefields and arenas of World of Warcraft have proven their mettle in glorious combat, and are ready for new challenges and more powerful rewards. Here’s a look at the gear that the most accomplished PvP competitors will be sporting in Season 10:

13 years ago
4.2 Dungeon Journal Preview

In patch 4.2 we'll be introducing The Dungeon Journal, a new system that players can use to learn more about specific dungeons, the bosses within those dungeons, their abilities, and the rewards they offer.

13 years ago
Patch 4.2 Preview: The Firelands

For ages, the Elemental Plane served its purpose as a secure realm to imprison Azeroth's primordial spirits... until the Cataclysm ruptured its boundaries. Without warning, Ragnaros's armies surged toward Mount Hyjal, intent on burning the World Tree of Nordrassil to the ground. In the ensuing conflict, many brave heroes gave their lives to protect Hyjal from destruction. By their noble sacrifices, the impossible was achieved: the Guardians of Hyjal pushed Ragnaros's minions back into the Firelands. Now, the battle to protect Hyjal rages in Ragnaros's smoldering realm...

13 years ago
April Fools! World of Warcraft Patch 4.1.11 Preview

The upcoming World of Warcraft Patch 4.1.11 promises to dramatically change your World of Warcraft: Cataclysm experience for the better, and we want to show you a glimpse of Azeroth’s future. This patch will feature significant class overhauls, faction and race balance changes, changes to the game world, UI improvements, bug fixes, and more. Be sure to check out this special patch note preview on the official forums.

13 years ago
April Fools! Preview: Tomb of Immortal Darkness

Deep below the damp graveyards of Duskwood, an ancient evil stirs in the darkness... Featuring newgameplay mechanics, revolutionary Deep Dark® technology, three challenging bosses, and a host of incredible rewards, the Tomb of Immortal Darkness will be the third dungeon to see the light – well, just a dim spark in an ocean of utter blackness - in the next content patch. Click here for a preview of the epic adventures it offers!

13 years ago