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PvP Like a Pro: Finding the Right Partners

We asked some of the best PvP players in the world their thoughts on how to get started and consistently improve in Arenas. Join us for part one of a three-part series as we dive into the minds of the experts and learn to PvP Like a Pro!

7 years ago
New World of Warcraft: Legion Unveiling Here!

If you missed our live-streamed coverage of the World of Warcraft: Legion unveiling at gamescom, don’t worry—we’ve got you covered. Watch the video below to learn all about the next chapter of the World of Warcraft saga.

9 years ago
Get Ready for gamescom 2015!

Blizzard’s gearing up for another epic gamescom this year! From August 5-9, we’ll be providing plenty of entertainment at our biggest booth to date in Hall 7 of the Koelnmesse in Cologne, Germany.

9 years ago
#BlizzGC2015: Universes Collide With #BlizzardIRL

Sometimes universes collide and we bring gaming culture to the real world. It’s your last chance to enter our gamescom social media contest this week, and we want you to step out of game and show us how you’ve experienced Blizzard in real life!

9 years ago
#BlizzGC2015: Show Us Your #Cute Side

Blizzard’s worlds may be full of snarling orcs, vicious zerglings, and fire-spewing demons, but let’s not forget those fluffy bunnies and pudgy pandas. This week in our gamescom social media contest, we want you to show us the #Cute side of being a Blizzard gamer!

9 years ago
#BlizzGC2015: Bring the #Battle

The #Fun is over, and it’s time for a new #Battle to begin! This week in our gamescom social media contest, we want you to show us how you like to compete, both in game and out. Because the toughest battles don’t always happen in the arena… or do they?

9 years ago
#BlizzGC2015: How Do You Like to Have #Fun?

It’s a brand-new week, which means a brand-new hashtag for our gamescom social media contest. This week, we’re celebrating the good times, which are what Blizzard games are all about.

9 years ago
Blizzard at gamescom: Website and Live Stream

The world’s biggest game convention is almost upon us! Blizzard will be in Cologne from August 13 to 17, showcasing our latest games, presenting awesome activities on stage, and broadcasting live from our booth.

10 years ago