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Gladiator's Summit Episode 6: ABC's Road to BlizzCon

Episode 6, the last in the current Gladiator's Summit series, is now live! We take a look at the BlizzCon 2017 World Champions - ABC - from nearly disbanding in 2016 to their crowning glory in November at BlizzCon.

6 years ago
Gladiator's Summit Episode 4 & BlizzCon Talent Lineup

Episode 4 is here! Watch the latest episode for a deep dive into the North America regional championships, and to see who will be hosting the live finals at BlizzCon 2017.

6 years ago
Method: Synergy Crowned North America Arena Champions

Four days of battle, two groups of hardened players, and 12 solid teams with one goal: to reach the final at BlizzCon. Here’s what four days of nail-biting matches look like—with plenty of gritty determination, flakey fall-outs, inevitable elimination, and epic victories.

6 years ago
New Esports Show, Gladiator's Summit: Watch Now!

The Gladiator’s Summit is a brand-new show dedicated to World of Warcraft Arena events, globally. In each new episode, released regularly during the year, we’ll keep you up to date with everything happening in WoW esports - including insider info, indepth player profiles, and upcoming event analysis.

7 years ago