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Take Flight with the Dragonflight Trial!

For a limited time*, players who do not own Dragonflight but have a subscription or active Game Time can play the new expansion as the dracthyr Evoker beginning today.

2 years ago
Accessibility Updates in Dragonflight

New accessibility updates in Dragonflight allow you to further enrich your gameplay in World of Warcraft. Check them out!

2 years ago
Echo and Team Liquid Are Ready for the Ultimate Charity Race!

The time has come for the two guilds to raise money for Direct Relief and AbleGamers!

2 years ago
Introducing Two New Events: Xy’mox’s Charity Cache and Solo Shuffle Showdown!

Don’t miss your favorite Raiders and Arena players compete in two new events for Shadowlands Season 4!

2 years ago
Dragonflight Talent Previews - Hunter and Rogue

Dragonflight provides an opportunity for some major updates to classes in World of Warcraft with the re-introduction of talent trees. In this preview, we take a first look at the prototype trees for the Hunter and Rogue classes.

2 years ago
The Wrath of the Lich King Classic Beta Has Begun!

The Wrath of the Lich King Classic beta test has begun! Over the course of the test, we’ll be inviting opt-in beta testers, community veterans, press, fansites, and friends and family to check out the upcoming classic expansion and give us feedback.

2 years ago
Developer Update: A Look at What’s Ahead for Wrath of the Lich King Classic

Wrath of the Lich King Classic provides new opportunities to make a few changes that will improve the gameplay experience in the next chapter of Classic WoW. In this Developer Update, the World of Warcraft Classic Team takes you through some of those changes and what they can mean for the future of Wrath Classic.

2 years ago
Arena World Championship Returns July 31!

The Arena World Championship (AWC) returns for Shadowlands Season 2 Circuit on July 31, only on YouTube!

3 years ago