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Method: Synergy Crowned North America Arena Champions

Four days of battle, two groups of hardened players, and 12 solid teams with one goal: to reach the final at BlizzCon. Here’s what four days of nail-biting matches look like—with plenty of gritty determination, flakey fall-outs, inevitable elimination, and epic victories.

6 years ago
New Esports Show, Gladiator's Summit: Watch Now!

The Gladiator’s Summit is a brand-new show dedicated to World of Warcraft Arena events, globally. In each new episode, released regularly during the year, we’ll keep you up to date with everything happening in WoW esports - including insider info, indepth player profiles, and upcoming event analysis.

7 years ago
WoW Arena Championship: Who’s In The North America Final?

The real story of this tournament lies with the players—some of the best we’ve ever seen. With role-swapping, class-hopping, and eye-popping talent, eight of the best teams in North America have fought with everything they have to get to the Championship Final. Who made the cut?

7 years ago
Cup #3: Risky Rosters And Epic Wins

On the 10th of June, WoW esports legends went head-to-head in the third cup of the WoW Arena World Championships. Eight teams, in ten epic matches, all thirsty for tournament glory. Find out what happened.

7 years ago
WoW® Arena Championship Cup #3: Sign Up Now!

Got a great team and a cunning plan? Good, because signups are open and we're on the lookout for the next WoW Arena champions. Cup #3 will be broadcast live on Twitch on Saturday June 10th at 11:00am PDT. Be there or be...somewhere else having a much less exciting time. You've been warned!

7 years ago
Tempo Storm Battle Their Way to a WoW® Arena Win!

Cup #2 got off to something of an interesting start, with team changes, surprise exits and new team compositions. Catch up with all the action from the final 8 and watch Tempo Storm defeat epic teams Panda Global and Splyce to go top of the leaderboard for the WoW Arena World Championships.

7 years ago
WoW® Arena Championships: Sign-Up For Cup #2 Now!

Cup #2 is on its way: seize the day! Signups are open and we’re waiting for YOU to show us your cunning strategies and hunger to win. The North America Qualifier Cup #2 will be broadcast live on Twitch, on Sunday May 14th at 11:00am PDT.

7 years ago
Cup #1: Results, Reactions and Next Steps

Saturday 8th April saw Warcraft heroes go head-to-head as the first cup was fought for and won in the WoW Arena World Championships. Eight teams, in ten epic matches, played each other in a tense fight-to-the-death. Read on to check out the results.

7 years ago
Arena Cup #1 LIVE Saturday 11am PDT: Tune In!

Cup #1 of the WoW® Arena World Championship goes live Saturday 8th April. To keep up with the action, tune in to the broadcast at 10.30am PDT, with matches kicking off at 11am PDT sharp. Don’t miss out!

7 years ago
WoW® Arena World Championship Finals at BlizzCon

The 2017 World of Warcraft Arena World Championship is gearing up for battle, and the Global Finals will culminate at BlizzCon, taking place November 3-4 at the Anaheim Convention Center! Here's an overview of this year's program.

7 years ago