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Dragonflight: Brave the Chill of the Azure Span

Journey into the Azure Span, an ancient frost-touched land, where you'll aid Kalecgos as he ventures into the Azure Archives on a mission to reclaim the Azure Oathstone.

2 years ago
Dragonflight: Awaken in the Forbidden Reach

Begin your journey as a dracthyr Evoker in a nature-claimed caldera lost to the ravages of time.

2 years ago
Dragonflight: Explore the Untamed Lands of the Waking Shores

Heroes of the Alliance and Horde are invited by Alexstrasza to aid the red dragonflight in this vibrant and menacing land teeming with elemental magic.

2 years ago
Warlords of Draenor Zone Preview: Spires of Arak

In our latest Warlords of Draenor preview, we turn our gaze upward to the Spires of Arak, a zone of soaring heights and shadow-drenched crags—but as with much of Draenor, the beauty of this place hides something sinister. Game Designer Don Adams and Associate Quest Designer Johnny Cash fill us in on what to expect.

10 years ago