Celebrate the Launch of Legion at the Legion Café in Cologne

The Burning Legion is back, and heroes from all across Azeroth are gathering to stop its advance. Will you stand with us?

We’re celebrating the upcoming launch of World of Warcraft’s latest expansion at the Legion Café during gamescom! You and your friends can join us at the Gürzenich Köln in central Cologne, Germany between 17:00 CEST and midnight each day from August 18-21 (last entry to the Legion Café is at 23:00 CEST – make sure you get there in plenty of time!). You'll step into an epic recreation of The Fel Hammer from Legion and get a taste of what it’s like to be a Demon Hunter. Come and hang out with fellow players, well-known YouTubers, and members of the Blizzard team. You’ll also be able to get some hands-on time with the game, pose for a green screen photo with your WoW character, try out some interactive Illidari ‘shadow projection,’ and have the chance to win some exclusive prizes.

We’ll update this blog post with an FAQ in the coming days, so stay tuned. In the meantime, gather your friends, brush up on your WoW lore, and mark August 18-21 on your calendar! You can also join in the conversation on social media with the #LegionCafe hashtag.

Come take a stand against the Burning Legion at the Legion Café this summer. We look forward to seeing you there!

Entry is free, but only a limited number of Demon Hunters can fit into The Fel Hammer at once. Don’t worry if you can’t make it on your first visit—you can come back to the Legion Café throughout gamescom.

Legion Café F.A.Q.

  • Is the event free to attend?
    Entry to the Legion Café is free.
  • What is the location?
    Legion Café takes place in the Gurzenich : Martinstraße 29-37, 50667 Köln, Germany.
  • What time does the event start and finish?
    Legion Café will be open from 17:00 CEST to midnight CEST from Thursday August 18th to Sunday August 21st.
  • What time does the Legion Café close?
    Last entry is at 23:00 CEST and the Café closes at midnight. Make sure you get there in plenty of time!
  • When can I start queuing?
    You can start queuing 1 hour before the opening.
  • What happens if the event is full by the time I get to the front of the stand-by queue?
    Once the venue is at capacity, we’ll be able to let you in as soon as another visitor leaves the venue.
  • Are there any age limits for attendees?
    The event will be open to people over 12 years old only. Upon entry and ID check, every visitor will get a colored wristband:
    • One for under 16 years old.
    • One for under 18 years old.
    • One for over 18 years old.
  • What should I bring with me?
    Your ID documents as we’ll check everyone’s identity and age upon entrance. Expect also full security checks so no liquids, sharp objects, weapons allowed in the premises.
  • Can I wear a Cosplay in the venue?
    Legion Café welcome cosplayers.
  • Are there cloakroom facilities?
    Yes, after ID and bag checks, you’ll have cloakroom options.
  • Is the venue wheelchair-friendly?
    Yes, the venue is wheelchair-friendly.
  • Who can I meet there?
    Legion Café will gather cosplayers, streamers and live performers playing WoW covers. From time to time, WoW developers will also be around to celebrate the launch of Legion with their players.
  • Can I bring my own food and/or drinks to the party?
    For safety reasons, we are not allowing external food/drinks inside the Legion Café venue.
  • Is there any food/drink on site?
    We’ll serve food & drink inside the Legion Café, which hosts several bars where we will serve WoW-themed snacks & drinks. Please note that credit card payments are only accepted for purchases of 25 euros or more.
  • Can I take photos and video?
    Of course, photos and videos are allowed in the Legion Café.
  • Will there be sweet, sweet loot?
    Legion Café will give you the opportunity to win some exclusive goodies. Check WoW social media channels for a glimpse at what awaits you at Legion Café !
  • Will I be able to buy goodies, games, or other Blizzard loot?
    Legion Café doesn’t include a Blizzard store. But as said above, there will be some exclusive goodies to win onsite.
  • What kind of activities will there be?
    Legion Café will host several kinds of activities, which falls into two categories. Stage activities such as live performers, quizzes on WoW lore, sound-alike contests. And photo/interactive activities such as a Battlenet photobooth station, an Illidari Shadow Projection where you get to imitate the moves of a Demon Hunter or a Demon hunter makeup workshop. You’ll also be able to play Legion and participate in leveling contests.
  • Are some activities free?
    All activities in the Legion Café are free and any visitor can enjoy it at any given time during his stay.
  • If I don't speak German, can I participate to activities?
    Absolutely. Our activity hosts will also speak English, so non-German visitors will be able to enjoy these activities as well.
  • Who will be the host?
    Our host at the Legion Cafe will be Tobias "Gnorog" Jahn. Tobias has worked as a community manager at Blizzard Entertainment for many years and moderated multiple times our events at gamescom.